Elden Ring: Fan creates grandiose artwork to toss the hit tribute

A creative user on Reddit has rebuilt the well-known “Elden Ring” cover with the “PlayStation 4” game Dreams. How he did exactly, he shows in a video that we do not want to pretend you.

So you have not seen Elden Ring yet

Do you still remember the “PlayStation 4” game Dreams? Dreams, however, is less a game than rather a strong tool to create video games themselves . With Dreams have already implemented some impressive projects in the past.

Very new in this series is a complete replica of the “Elden Ring” -Covers . In contrast to the two-dimensional template, the Cover project of Reddit-User Martin Nebelong is three-dimensional.

How exactly Martin has rebuilt the “Elden Ring” cover, video for about two minutes:

According to its own information, Martin has used about three hours to create its version of the “Elden Ring” Cover. What makes the whole project even more amazing.

On his YouTube channel, you will find further videos of Martin, where he not only demonstrates his extensive skills in Dreams, but also impressively proves how strong the digital construction kit is.

You have to know that about Dreams

Elden Ring - Shura VS Malenia (feat. Dagger Parry & Bestowal Ninjutsu) [NG+7, No Hit]

Dreams appeared early 2020 as an exclusive game for the PlayStation 4. The Sandbox Game from the British Developer Studio Media Molecule (LittleBigPlanet) got excellent reviews, among others 89 percent on metacritic , but could never become due to its complexity. Really prevail in the wide mass.

Nevertheless, there is a passionate Dreams Community , which regularly releases new videos on YouTube and Reddit.