How Sonic The Hedgehog 2 configures the sequel

Those who looked at sonic the hedgehog 2 This weekend or plans to do so soon and I can not wait for more Sonic is congratulations: Paramount already announced that he is working on Sonic the 3 hedgehog. And as we saw after the first sonic the hedgehog, _ This last film has a fairly clear configuration of what will come next with regard to the new characters and alliances, although there are still some persistent questions that may not be answered until _Sonic 3 is out.

Spoiler warning: The rest of this discussion contains great spoilers for sonic the hedgehog 2 .

The great moment of Sonic in the new. Sonic the hedgehog 2 The film came from the final fight against Dr. Robotnik. Able to take advantage of the power of the Master Emerald, Sonic became Super Sonic and finished the fight with ease. However, he did not retain that power later, so it seems that Sonic may not have that power easily accessible to him in the next movie. Of course, it would make sense to hold on to him in case of future threats, but that would trivialize most of the meetings, so in regard to history, it makes more sense that I can not go to Super Sonic when he wants.

Sonic, Knuckles and Tails form an alliance at the end of the film to protect the emerald and earth, so we can only imagine that we will see that your relationship is strengthened by when the next movie comes out. All human characters are also taken into account, so it covers the good ones, but what about the villains?

The post-credited scene of Sonic’s first film established another appearance of the Sonic universe through the introduction of Tails, but the post-credited scene in sonic the 2 __ hedgehog has much more weight in terms of configuring the next movie in general. Sample to Shadow the Hedgehog waking up in a laboratory, and even if you do not know anything about Shadow, the black and red scheme and the way he argues the shot is a clear indication that he will be a villain in sonic 3.

So, where does that leave that to Jim Carrey Robotnik? He was never located at the end of the new film, which, in the logic of the film, means that he is definitely still alive after the fight. That would normally mean that he will return in the next movie, but some recent developments may have complicated that theory after Carrey said he could have finished acting. Besides that, those in charge of Sonic films said they would not think about changing to Carrey, so no more Carrey means no more Robotnik.


Shadow is connected to the Robotnik family with regard to tradition, so, in that sense, Shadow would need Robotnik in some way for the inclusion of it to work. Assuming that Carrey is in the next movie as Robotnik once again, Shadow is not really the kind of “team” character, and it seems unlikely that the movie will take that route again after the combo robotnik-knuckles, so some questions still stay.

A launch date has not yet been announced for sonic the hedgehog 3 but the second came about two years after the first, so that’s all we have to do until Paramount begins to publish his ads and teasers again for the next movie.