This replicant bracelet watch is an elegant and clear watch

It’s not every day that I write a few impressions on a video game watch, but I’m here and I’m always ready to take up a challenge. I am in no way an expert in watches, I can not even tell you how they are made and I’m probably far from qualified to give you an appropriate assessment. I am the perfect man for work, right? Probably not, but I will say that I like a beautiful and lasting watch. And this watch denying supergroups is perfect for me.

Supergroupies is best known for creating clothing and accessories based on popular anime, manga and game properties. They have a wide range of watches available in some of your favorite games and franchises like Resident Evil, Magic: The Gathering and CyberPunk 2077. Not only are the watches are fantastic, but they can be worn on any occasion. I would not have any problem wearing this watch deny replicant at an official reception or simply at work.

These watches do not shout either to video game watches cheap gadgets. In fact, if you did not tell me it was a watch deny, I would never know it. It does not look cheap at all and the whole line has a chic look. This black replicant has super clear air. It can be a little smaller than most watches I wear. I prefer big and voluminous, but it is undoubtedly a medium or rather normal watch that would not only look great on any1. Even smaller people, like my little woman, will not feel embarrassed to wear this watch in public.

All features are also subtle, making a nice tribute to the game and the main character, deny in a fashionable way. You really do not need to be a fan of the franchise to enjoy this watch or one of the items offered by Supergroupies.

This subtle and professional chronograph watch is inspired by denying. It has entirely black bracelets and a black and silver dial. It is equipped with 24-hour sub-dials, 60 minutes and 60 seconds. Its black finish shines with silver reflections from the metal parts inserted in the leather strap. The prints of the watch are inspired by the outfit.

I must also note that in a circle along the indexes is a metal design inspired by the complex details found on Grimoire Weiss. It’s a super sexy watch and attention to detail is quite amazing. The watch really nails the aesthetics of the franchise and it is clear that all the materials used in the construction of the watch are of high quality.

I am not a fan of leather bracelets on the watches, so I will replace the existing bracelet with a stainless steel bracelet. Currently, the watch costs about $ 200, but it is not at all a bad price if we consider the know-how and the quality of the watch. It is quite easily a watch that you can wear style for about the next 10 years.

This watch is not the only denly available watch. There is a kaine-based and inspired by the colors of the Kaine’s outfit, which we will tell you in the near future, but there is another set based on 2b and 9s de nier Automata. Once again, deny Automata is inspired by the characters we know and love.

Overall, I love this deny replicant watch. It’s much better quality than I expected and the price is reasonable given the quality of the watch. It’s hard to find online, so if you manage to catch one, congratulations, you’re lucky.

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