Graphic Bug – the 5 most promising games that use Unreal Engine 5

Epics Unreal Engine 5 presents breathtaking graphics in his tech demos and thus stems the anticipation of games that put on the engine. But that the UE 5 offers the latest technology, but does not automatically mean that every game becomes the absolute graphics highlight – it’s far more. Therefore, we have picked out some games that are most promising graphically and beyond.

That can be the Unreal Engine 5

In advance, a small classification, which makes the Unreal Engine 5 so special. The engine gives developers to modern technical tools on the hand, of which we want to mention particularly two:

  • At the top of this is the dynamic lighting technique “lumens” calculated in real time. With indirect light, reflections and shadows, a very authentic lighting mood can be generated.
  • Also noteworthy is the “Nanite” technique, which takes care of the geometric calculation of polygons, which in turn represents the objects in the game. Due to the high number and accurate calculation in real time, it is possible to generate a very high degree of detail.

Of course, the Unreal Engine 5 can still be much more, but that would blow up the scope of this list. If you want to deal with the Unreal Engine 5 deeper, you will find more articles here:

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Senua’s saga: lightblade 2

  • Platform: PS5, Xbox Series X / S, PC
  • Release: TBA

It’s about it: After Helheim (Nordic Underworld), Senua undergoes in the successor to Iceland (without Open World). It is believed that Senua lives there either as a slave or belongs to the Viking community. In addition, a huge titanium as well as numerous depressing hours awaits us in which the presentation of mental illnesses will not be nothing for weak nerves.

You can learn more about the brutal giant in the trailer here:

__3 __6

Hellblade 2

What does the brutal giant have to do with Senua’s past?

The Witcher 4: Why CDPR is Betting Big on Unreal Engine 5 - IGN Now

Light Blade 2 already impressed with the first in-engine trailer and showed what the Unreal Engine 5 can afford. The first proper gameplay (see above) does not detract from the impression. The engine clearly contributes its part to reinforce the depressing mood of the Action Adventure.

Tomb Raider 2022

  • Platform: TBA
  • Release: TBA

It’s about it: Lara returns with a “high quality and cinematic action adventure experience”. With these words, Crystal Dynamics announced the new Tomb Raider on the State of Unreal 22 show, but nothing else revealed about Laras’s new adventure.

This type of announcement and the fact that the game is developed with the Unreal Engine 5, however, very much for a graphic splendor is expected.

The Witcher: A New Saga Begins

  • Platform: PS5, Xbox Series X / S, PC
  • Release: TBA

That’s why: With the next Witcher game, which is not “Witcher 4” is called, a new SAGA breaks up according to CD project. As far as we know, we expect us again an open World role-playing game in the fantasy world of the witcher, only that we probably do not play the Geralt of Riva this time. The shown medallion in the first teaser is a lynx. What this could ultimately mean, you will learn in the following article:

__12 __2

The Witcher 4-medallion

It’s a lynx and no cat, says cd project red


The announcement of the new Witcher game focused on the new partnership with Epic Games. The new Witcher saga is not developed with the in-house editor, but the Unreal Engine 5 so that the RPG does not “break down”. And because The Witcher 3 still looks pretty until today, the next offshoot should be graphically impressive again.

Stalker 2: Heart of Chernobyl

  • Platform: Xbox Series X / S and PC (ZeitExklusive), PS5
  • Release: TBA

It’s about it: Stalker 2 sends us as Stalker Skif into the radioactively contaminated blocking zone around the Chernobyl nuclear power plant. Not only monsters and human adversaries are lurking in the Open World, but also strange abnormalities. The story should be non-linear, ie by our decisions are significantly determined.

Not only in terms of content, also technically the developers * inside of Stalker 2 have made a lot. RayTracing, 4K, 120 fps, and all based on the Unreal Engine 5. that a graphic board expects us to expect photogrammetry, whereby even more realistic environments are to be generated.

Black Myth: Wukong

  • Platform: PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X / S, Xbox One, PC
  • Release: 2023

It’s about it: Black Myth: Wukong is an action role-playing game based on the Chinese novel “The journey to West” and thus picks up Chinese mythology. As a monkey-queen Sun’s eyes we fight ourselves with our magical long rod and special skills through the pretty world and also succeed heavy boss opponents. The combat system reminds with its complexity of souls games like Sekiro and Bloodborne.

Originally Black Myth was developed: Wukong with the Unreal Engine 4. Meanwhile, the Chinese Developer Studio Game Science has switched to Unreal Engine 4 – which looks impressive. Not for nothing the game remains in memory mainly by his optics.

Other console games with Unreal Engine 5

  • Archeage 2
  • Bioshock 4
  • Dragon Quest 12: The Flames of Fate
  • FortNite
  • Gears of War
  • Ill
  • Layers of Fear
  • Mass Effect 4

  • Quantum Error
  • Red case
  • State of Decay 3
  • The Matrix Awakens
  • The Outer Worlds 2
  • Vigilance 2099

Are you asked now: What expectations do you have to the Unreal Engine 5 and on which of the mentioned games are you looking forward to? Is graphic important to you? Writes it to us in the comments.