Pokemon Go: Ibitak – Konter

The Normal and Flight Bird Pokémon Ibitak type is always back to the Animal 3-Raids of Pokémon Go. The 1st generation pokémon is also surprisingly often found in the Alola region. There it hunts instead of in rocky grasslands in the sea. Do you want to hunt for Ibitak in Pokémon Go and still needs a few tips? Looks in our counter-guide in which we have summarized the most important aspects for the fight against Ibitak!

Funfact: When Ash began his Pokémon adventure, he finished the awarding of the starter Pokémon and the professor had only a mussel-yellow Pikachu left, which did not stop there to spend his days in a pokéball. Pikachu had no desire for a common adventure at all. Only when a mad swarm Habitak (Ibitaks underwear) attacked and ASH rescued his partner (and even Misty’s bicycle steel) did Pikachu noticed that Ash would not just be any coach, but a friend for life.

Ibitak as a raidboss

Ibitak is of the type normal and flight and therefore has the weaknesses rock, electric and ice. For your rock attackers, you should hope for cloudy weather, because then your attacks are reinforced. If you want to make ibitak smaller with attacks of the type electro, while you have to wait for rain. Your attackers with ice attacks are reinforced with snowfall.

The bird Pokémon comes with 14,379 CP therefore and as always you have to bring the life bar to zero, so that you have a chance to catch the Pokémon. Ibitak can be beaten al1. However, if you have started your adventure only or hapert it at the attackers, do best with a few other Pokémon Go players. Below is still a list of the best attackers against Ibitak.

  • Mega-Vertenso with thundernock and electricity
  • Crypto Raikou with Voltwechsel and electric shock
  • Crypto Elevoltek with thunder shock and electricity
  • Crypto Zapdos with Thundershock and Thunderblitz
  • Crypto Mamutel with powder snow and avalanche
  • Crypto Magnetzone with spark jump and electricity
  • Mega-aerodactyl with stone’s throw and stone hail

*THUNDURUS THERIAN* COUNTER GUIDE! 100 IVs, Counters & Moveset | Pokémon GO
* Voltolos (animal spirit) with Voltwechsel and Thundershock
* Zekrom with charging beam and electricity
* Crypto Despotar with catapult and stone edge
* Crypto Mewtu with psychobling and ice beam
* Rameidon with catapult and stone hail
* Crypto Snibunna with ice chips and avalanche
* Mega-ampharos with voltwechen and lightning cannon
* Crypto Voltenso with thunder tooth and electricity

Pokémon Go: Ibitak catch

Did you defeat ibitak, as always goes on – Pokéball go! On Level 20, the bird Pokémon has a 100% -IV value over 1141 cp. If the Pokémon is boomed on cloudy weather or wind at level 25, it has over 1426 CP with perfect 100% -IV values. We wish a successful hunt!

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