Pokemon Anime confirms the expected return of Serena

Viajes Pokémon has done many unprecedented things from your debut and, finally, you are ready to check something that fans have been asking. After all, the fan base has not been exactly silent about Cameo’s requests, and Serena has been at the top of that list for a long time. And now, a new promotion is here confirming the anime plans to visit Serena again as soon as possible.

The update comes from PokeblastNews on Twitter when they put their hands on the viajos Pokémon promotion abroad. It was there where the fan page shared the news with others and, as you can see below, the promotion shows Serena with Chloe when the latter begins the search for it to conquer contests around the world. Pokémon universe.

As you can see, Serena looks matures in these photos, so she is no longer the girl who once we met. Several shots of viajes Pokémon are also shown with Serena, and it’s short hair is perfect for the girl. Dressed in a gray hat, serene looks beautiful with a turtleneck black top and a skirt here. And, of course, she looks butterfly stallions on one of the shots.

The promotion continued with new information on the return of Serena. It did not give a date for the great return of it, but Serena will return to anime with an impressive team. She is expected to supervise Sylveon, Pancham and Delphox during her contest if the reports are correct.

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Clearly, viajes Pokémon Fans are anxious to see how Serena and Chloe are carried as anime launches new episodes. That does not even mention Ash and the long-awaited reunion of him with Serena. After all, fanatics consider that this partner is one of the best, and many sent Serena with Ash during his travel. Then, of course, the return of her will not be one that fans want to get lost.