Hello Neighbor 2 will be released in December and a beta is now live

Do you remember Hello Neighbor, which was blown up on Youtube and Twitch a few years ago? Well, at the end of the year is a continuation on the way, where the publication date of Hello Neighbor 2 is announced today and the game on Xbox One, Xbox Series X | S, PS5, PS4 and PC should appear.

PLAYING THE HELLO NEIGHBOR 2 BETA!!! (its mindblowing)
TinyBuild has announced that The publication date of Hello Neighbor 2 is 6 December 2022 , which means it is still a way. However, you can still start playing today because a beta version of the game is available for those available in the Microsoft Store, PlayStation Store, or on the PC sales platform of your choice.

The game has two editions to choose from, a standard edition with a deluxe edition, which offers the above beta access in April and five days early access to the game and exclusive DLC at startup. If you do not want to buy it, the game is also available in the Game Pass from 6 December. You can even make a free alpha on the Microsoft Store game at the moment.

The most important advances of the continuation include improved self-learning KI, while trying to avoid Mr. Peterson who persecutes them, as well as more varied environments and leveldesign. You can see the latest trailer below:

Will you make an early purchase and look at the latest entry in the series, or will you squeeze your wallet together and wait until these holidays?