“Harami God” New Event “The Garden of the Haya Your Shion” is from April 7! “A small and autumn fall (water)” can be invited by achieving the condition

HOYOVERSE will be held from April 7 (Thursday) on PS5 / PS4 / Smartphone / PC, for more information on “Thursday, Glamora Shions” ** Was released.

During the event period, “Monkemo Starry Clash”, “Square of the Machine, Temporary Measures”, “Pathproof”, “Flower Handy Garden” Released. You can earn a given reward if each condition is met. In addition, you can invite you to “a small and autumn autumn (Wednesday), meeting all the conditions of” Meet the sentence “.

【Event period】
庭 説 説 · 1st
2022/04/07 11:00 to 2022/04/25 04:59
庭 真 · 第
2022/04/09 05:00 to 202/04/25 04:59
庭 説 説 · 3rd
2022/04/11 05:00 to 202/04/25 04:59
庭 説 説 · 4th
2022/04/13 05:00 to 202/04/25 04:59

【Participation Condition】
Adventure Rank 30 or more
Katsushi Magician mission The second chapter, the first curtain “Narui immobile, constant sour soil” Clears “remote island escape plan”

※ The Legend of Kamari Aya’s Legend Kamorigo, the first curtain, the Legend of the Lightning General Mission of the Lightning General Mission, the Legend of Hyakushi, the Legend of the Seihai Hydra You can enjoy events in a better gaming experience if you play after clearing the chapter of the sleeping dragon and the first curtain “Harumba,” after the war.
If you have not cleared the legendary mission of Shigei Aya, General Lightning General and Miyako Sea, you can join the event at “Quick Start” .

【Monkerica Starrifi】
· During the event period, after completing the “Senshu Secret Literature”, after clearing “Hua-ka Purple Garden Literature, First Act”, monthly star phrases are released.
· We can check the theme of the poetry of the poet and the theme of the sonel of the day, take pictures in the designated area and collect ideas materials.
· You can complete the poetry creation by collecting a fixed number of ideas materials, and you can earn rewards such as Raw Stones, Heavenly Emissions and Great Heroes .

[Technology of Machine · Skills]
· During the event period, after clearing the “Senshu Secret Story” “Hanakai Shiba Garden Literature, Second Cart”, the machine ticket is released.
· Traveler can participate in challenging at Komagani. Before entering the cloth, you can choose the “Eyebrate Boulevard” that you want to use for the challenge.
· The “Eyebrate Makuse” needs to be properly used according to the different “Characteristics of the Corporation”. Build an institution and defeat the enemy, you can earn the corresponding point.
· When the corresponding point is reached, you can earn rewards such as Raw Stone, Deutropholystigmation, and Great Heroes .

[Sorting of Soldness]
· During the event period, after clearing the “Senshu Secret List” “Hanakai Shiba Garden Literature, Trend” will be released.
· You can talk with the designated excitement and challenge the challenge. While the elemental skill and element explosion can not be activated during the counter, the new ability “guard” is available.
· A trap of warriors look out, and try to activate the “guard” and defeat the other party. When the corresponding condition is achieved, you can earn rewards such as Raw Stone, Deutropholic Development Material, Large Heroes .

· During the event period, after the “Senshu Secret Talk” is cleared after clearing “Naua Shiba Garden Literature and Trend”, the flower shadow is released.
· Check the plane from Shiba stagger and make a “flower garden” along the groove.
· Clearing the Ground, you can earn rewards such as Limited foliosity, raw stone, and a heavily breeding material .

【Event Description】
· After clearing the mission of each stage of “Sensho secret story”, you can take on the corresponding “vote”.
· During the event period, you can also invite “Subscript, or autumn (Wednesday) to meet all the conditions of meeting a sentence. The invitation is only once.

For more information on the “Kojinami” new event “Haraya Shion Garden” scheduled to be held from April 7, please refer to the official HP.