Warhammer 40K mocks the new army

Martillo 40,000 is bringing back a classic army left from side decades ago, or have simply spent a cruel joke to fans. Yesterday, game workshop launched a two-minute trailer that announces the return of the Squats, a race of human descendants that are, in essence, “dwarves of space”. Although fans are skeptical since the announcement occurred on the day of the innocents (one day at which brands joke about additions or newly expected new products and then shout them for the rest of the day), the announcement is followed years of Teasing by Games Workshop that Squats would return to the world of warhammer 40k. You can see the complete teaser below:

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The Squats were an original race in the first edition of 40,000_ warfare with a general vibes of spatial dwarves riding spatial motorcycles, but they were quickly eliminated from the game since the developers felt that they did not do justice the concept of “dwarves in space “And they did not want to make a complete codex dedicated to the squats. The squats were “written” of 40k_ warmartillo saying that his native world was destroyed by a pyranny swarm, and Games Workshop insinuated a new race of spacewatches called Demiurg in Subsequent products and books. However, Games Workshop had softened his posture on the squats in recent years, mentioning them in several books of recent rules.

In 2018, Games Workshop “Reintrodujo” officially the squats through a character in necromunda, _ to _Martillo of war 40k game derived. A filtration last year insinuated that Squats would have a broader return in the near future, and Games Workshop has dropped several indications that Squats actually return.

Games Workshop has played things with enough trouble in social networks regarding yesterday’s advance, not to confirm or deny that the video was a joke. However, many fans seem to think that this progress is legitimate, in the same way that many calaboons and dragons The fans took a mockery of Spelljammer yesterday as “legitimate” even though the day of the innocent was launched. Time will tell if the squats return to the 40k warfare, _ and if they return as a complete army, or simply as a faction in a different derivative game.