History of “Iron” followed by “Triangle Strategy” -The Iron resources and power linked by technical advantage and power of power [Watch the world in the game # 25]

Similar to the previous salt, another resource that is important in the stage No Zelia of this work is “iron”. It is essential for high-level industry, and it has become a key that holds the change in civilization since reality. As represented by the words “iron of the National” in Prussian Iron Mark’s Bismarck, in the near contemporary, the advancement of steel industry is responsible for the dominance of the national life and armed force. Let’s follow the history how the Iron-resource has been linked to the country.

Iron is the most important, and subsequent copper and subsequent copper and subsequent copper and subsequent copper. As with supernova explosion, as well as copper, iron is a “common metal” that iron is more than other metals as compared to other metals. Even if the Earth-medial life is developed metallurgical technology, the possibility of reaching iron smelting technology is very high. The core of the earth that produces a magnetic field is mainly made of iron, and it is essential to make red blood cells for the current earth life, and we will say that we are really living with “the benefits of stars”.

Iron that can be used as “metal” before I can iron technology was fell from the sky. In other words, I used to pick up and process “Melates” contained in meteorites. Mesopotamia and Egypt literally called “Metal Metals” and were treated as sacred valuables. Therefore, iron retention has strong power and connection. Tuttan Carmen’s sidebreaker’s short sword is made from the meteor flyer, and this is known to be given from Mitty Kingdom neighborhood and Mittany kingdom. At that time, only the Hittite Kingdom and its surroundings have steel processing technology, and if it was Egypt, it must have been very difficult as a crystal of sacred and cutting-edge technology.

In recent years, a trace of steel railway has been found more than 1000 years after the age of Hittite, which has first had iron technology, and more surveys are further rewritten. Let’s look forward to future research.

Since Iron has high melting point, Hittite was developed, but it was not cast iron in the furnace, heated with charcoal, and it was a technology to add carbon and to “forgive”. Alloyed “steel” is stronger than ordinary iron, and is much more durable than the mainstream of the mainstream at that time. Naturally, if you decide as a weapon, copper will be damaged vigorously. In the above videos, we have durable experiment from around 19 minutes, but the copper sword is a blade and crushed, and the blade itself is also largely distorted.

Hettite Kingdom has grown to a strong country, conquested around Turkey, with a powerful military power using this steel technology and a horseware tank “Chariot”. And 1286 BC, the oldest war “Cadesh battle” where the record of the king is present occurs between Hittite Egypt. The victory and defeat ended in almost doubt, and the Japanese Convention (This also had the oldest “Japanese Convention”), donored to Egypt. Hittite was also used as a trump card for barrel technology. An iron bowl will spread in Egypt who obtained engineers and ore.

Thereafter, the Hettite kingdom was destroyed by the “sea of the sea”, and the monopolythrote method has leaked out. Because forging requires a large amount of charcoal, it is also said that it is a factor of defeat that the forest resource is used. Technology diffuses into Europe, and transition from copper to iron will advance to one stretch. It is the arrival of a full-fledged ironing age.

It was a nomadic mandulus such as Sukitai and a guy who told iron to the east of Europe. When you get technologies around Turkey, we will take the trace of the furnace from the east, along the boundaries of the forest area and the grassland area.

On the other hand, in China, casting technology that dissolves metals developed, and the use of “cast iron” has begun for the Spring and Autumn Sengoku period. However, unlike forging, cast iron was weak, and at that time, it seems that the technology was not stable, and it was used for agricultural and daily supplies without weapons applications. The weapon of the wolf who played Chinese unification in the same time is mainly bronze. Since the bronze smelting was high, the bronze smelting has a high level of bronze and developing iron with a long time. Still, in the era of Han, the “Corporation” to manage the steel booth and manage production distribution to the examination of the lending of the agricultural tool.

A guy with forging technology and the Chinese dynasty with cast iron technology will be warmed again, and the Chinese side will absorb horsemen technology. At this time, it is not hard to imagine that the weapons of weak cast iron weapons and bronze weapons, which are the strengths of China, and the weapons of tough forged steels, which are strong, and strong forged steel weapons. China, which incorporates forging technology, will be combined with cast iron to reach mass production of steel, leading to a large level of Chinese civilization such as military and agriculture.

In Japan, Yamato King got rich in many trains with Korea. In Japan without steel technology, iron was treated as a symbol of valuable treasures and power as an ancient Egypt. Saitama Inari Mountain Occupation has also excavated with iron-made side funeral and iron-deferred plates from Korea together with the “Congolian Sword”. Yamato King is considered to have the power of Korean iron to provide the leisure of each place using a bronzeer.

From Hittate to East Asia, Korea, and Japan to Japan, the theory of the Road “Iron Road” to the Road “Iron Road” was proposed to the Route to propagate to East Asia, Korea and Japan. Steel reinforced with arms and life, and those who put them in hand get power. It does not change even now, but it is not different from the development of the iron capital, and it is not possible to talk now, and how much it has been posted to the war.

In the Noseria of “Triangle Strategy”, Esflost, which has metallurgical techniques using iron mine and lava, has superiority in armedness and industry. Since the general commander, which leds the black iron soldier armed with steel, it can be guessed that it is a driving force that controls this country to control this country.

Noserelia 3 countries depend on resources, and the co-association of the country refers to resource exhaustion. Although the relationship was in a dangerous balance, the development of the new min mountain has become triggered and leaving. How does Walhort home do not appear in the fight against resources?

And now, the problem of resource is already in front of our eyes. Japan relies on imports, so it is a Japanese side that is in need to stop it with economic sanctions as a fact. It is definitely affected by the war in the price rise from April, and “I can not want until you win”, it’s qualified, or the preparation is being prepared.