DLSites April Fools, why the users sexual habit exposure competition will begin. Coupons that can really be used are also distributed

Aisis announced “ DLSITE WORLD-” as an original game of DLSite operated by the company on April 1. It seems to be part of April Fool’s project. The teaser site has been published and a discount coupon for all users is distributed.

April Fools' Day for Kids
“DLSite World” is a new sense multi-play action RPG by a comprehensive download sales site DLSite of two-dimensional content. The main character of this work was sending a mediocre everyday life. However, a mysterious letter (e-mail magazine) suggests the destruction of the world of 2xxx, one day will arrive and struggle to save the world. A new force (coupon) is obtained, and the story of one other incarnation (avatar) is drawn.

According to the teaser site, avatars will be important when saving the world. In this work, the avatar is generated according to the usage status of DLSITE, the amount of time spent at 2021 is attacked and spent, and the time is converted to a protective power, and the status is determined. In addition, if there is no force in this work, the world is not saved, and a button can be provided to a new force (coupon) in the teaser site.

Today, it is suspicious content at the time of announcement, but at the bottom of the teaser site, “DLSite World” is revealed that the April Fools project is. In other words, the selling and setting of the original game was a little joke. However, coupons are really distributed. The coupon of April Fool’s Planning Commemoration can be used for all works. There are coupons that can be used as many times as 15% off and coupons that increase the discount rate as the amount of use for the past period is larger, and the latter discount rate is as much as 18% to 50% as long as you see Twitter It seems like it. DLSite is an annual coupon, but the distribution method is unusual.

In addition, an avatar generation function is also available in the teaser site, and this is really available. When an avatar is generated, the rarity and the attack power / defense force, and the name of the character and the two are set in reference to the usage status of the DLSITE. Since the genre of the work purchased is a reference, it will not be exaggeration to say that sexual habits will be described. When using it, I would like to be careful not to expose sexually exposed.

Although the tweet function is also provided, the sexual habits and usage / time set for two names simultaneously with the tweet will also be revealed. Therefore, Twitter’s hashtag dlsiteworld seems to have a little sexual habb exposure competition.

April Fool’s Planning “DLSite World” is released by the teaser site. The coupon is available when you press a new power.