Tiny Tinas Wonderlands, Armor and Legendary Shields

Find out where and how to find legendary armor and shields in Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands. Whether linked to a group of monster or a precise boss we will add them little by little.

The best shields and armor of Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands

It is important to define that there is no better shield or armor itself. Many factors allow to gauge their power but only one account actually: that they adapt to your gameplay.

For example if you play a character based on your skills or weapon in particular or that in the opposite your character is based on body-to-body skills, your needs evolve at the same time as your gaming experience.

Thus, we propose you a list below of shields and armor encountered without sorting them by power. The key points that will be highlighted will be where to hire them and what are their peculiarities that make them unique.

All legendary shields of Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands:

This list will be updated regularly at the same time as our tests. Moreover the name of the arms not translated, they will appear in English on our guide. _

IMPORTANT NOTE, DO NOT TAKE THE VALUES OF THE STATISTICS OF EACH WORLD, they evolve according to the level of bosses vanquished. This level depends on that of your character, so we advise you to farmer the legendary shields and armor once high level.

Full Battery of Growth

How to get it: Final monster of “mastane” quests

This shield drains, when it is complete shield points to increase 40% the damage of your weapons.

If an opponent strikes you when you have all your shield points, a nearby enemy will be tapped by lightning. All with a bonus of 25% global shield.


How to get it: in dungeon vs Human opponent type

Less interest at first glance, this shield increases the shield rate by 10% when empty.

But that’s not all, when you lose all your shield it launches corrosive spell (skulls) on your nearest opponents. (Information to be confirmed)

All legendary armor of Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands:


How to get it: Final monster of the quest “Bubulles station”

Tiny Tina's Wonderlands - How To Get Amazing Legendaries Early (Tiny Tina Wonderland Legendaries)

This armor has a powerful power, forcing your hero to be 1 -V permanently in exchange for a very large shield value (150%).

The shield recharge time is also reduced.

Pandemecium of the mammoth’s tusk

How to get it: Got on a die to Ossu-Gol

Provides a health boost, criticism for your familiar and zone damage.

With a poison damage weapon This armor is incredible, which can explode an opponent to 15% chance whenever he receives damage over time.

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