Switch: You get one of the best anti

This was an anti-war game that revives us the horrors of the war ruthlessly.

95 percent discount: The war simulation of the Polish Developer Studio 11 Bit Studios can now be picked up at the Nintendo Switch with 95 percent discount in the sale. The basic game and all three published DLCs are included.

  • How much does it cost? 1,99 Euro
  • How long is the offer? 29.3. – 26.4.
  • Where is the game? Nintendo eShop

That awaits you in this War of Mine

While we take over the role of a soldier in most warlocks, we hatch in this was of mine in the shoes of the survivors. Instead of conquest and fame are hunger and survival fight on the plan. We sneak through the city, collect resources and take care of other survivors. The degree of difficulty is set relatively high to meet the scenario.

Here is the official description:

Meet decisions that decide on life and death. Let yourself be guided by your conscience. Experiments either to protect all in your shelter or sacrifice some of them to survive longer term. In the war there are no good or bad decisions – it’s just about survival.

These contents are on board:

  • This was of Mine – the complete version of the basic game
  • Anniversary Edtion Update – New characters for interacting, new locations for exploring and new ends to experience. This update was specially developed for the second anniversary of the game.
  • The Little Ones-DLC – experiences the horrors of the war from a whole new perspective, who is a child.

  • This was of Mine Stories – all three new stories located in the world of “This War Of Mine”. These three DLCs offer you the opportunity to experience the war from other perspectives and offer both “this War of Mine” veterans as well as new players inside brand new experiences.

Doktorun Konuşması | Zygon Inversiyonu | Doctor Who

Especially The Little Ones shows how it’s weak – in this case small children – in the war. Here you can see a trailer to the DLC:

Studio donated to victims in Ukraine

Probably not everyone is now all after a game, which is so much reminiscent of the warmans in Ukraine. However, games can also help to bring us certain circumstances, be it only playful.

In addition, it should be mentioned that the developer studio once again donated all revenues with this War of Mine to the Red Cross Ukraine. The action has now expired.