The Warhammer game gets a new edition

Games Workshop has announced plans to launch a new version of Warhammer: the heresy of Horus. The new game edition will be launched at the end of this year and will be based on the set of current rules of the game, which was derived from the war 40,000_ Regulation of the seventh edition. The new edition of The Heresy of Horus will be launched with a new box that will include plastic miniatures. It should be noted that many of Horus_Herejía the current miniatures are manufactured in hard resin, which makes them much more expensive than a 40k_ army warment. Games Workshop pointed out that many of Horus_Herejia are moving towards a more economical plastic, although some will remain available only in resin for now.

Warhammer: The Horus Heresy Cinematic Trailer
Warhammer: The Heresy of Horus is a game derived from 40,000_ warmoth and is set approximately 10,000 years before the current era that is seen in the game. The heresy of Horus in itself refers to the fracture of the Space Marines and the fall of the Emperor of Humanity, which began when the Lord of the Emperor War, Horus Lupercal, was corrupted by chaos and convinced to get up against the Emperor. The result of the betrayal of Horus was the transformation of the Emperor of Savior of humanity to a living corpse, which remains alive only by using the golden throne at a cost of 1000 human souls per day. Horus’s heresy was first introduced through a series of novels by Dan Abnett, who remain some of the most popular books within the BLACK LIBRARY OF WARHAMMER by Games Workshop.

Although the details are still vague as to what will be the new edition of The Heresy of Horus will involve, we know that the new edition will come with new versions of Space Marines plastic with the popular Mark VI armor (or Beakie).

Games Workshop has spent recent years launching new editions of many of its main games. Both things Martillo 40,000 and fantasy warhammer: It was Sigmar received new editions in the last two years, while the Skizion Game _Warhammer 40,000: Assassin team received a new edition last year.