Game Pass for PS5 and PS4 is Real: New Ps Plus Extra reveals!

For months, there were rumors around the new PlayStation Plus \ – Now Sony has revealed first details of the subscription. PS Plus and PS Now will be under a name in the future and are available in three different tariffs. In June 2022 the service should already start – first in Asia and shortly thereafter in Europe.

Catalog with hundreds of games becomes part of PS plus

While the Essential Membership continues to provide the known PS-PLUS benefits , subscribers of the Extra and Premium Tariff may be happy about a large selection of games Without further costs on PS5 and PS4 can be downloaded or streamed. Up to 400 title from the PlayStation Studios and third-party providers should be playable for the launch. Among them highlights like Spider-Man: Miles Morales, Returnal, Death Stranding and Mortal Kombat 11.

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Premium model with earlier PlayStation classics

With the most expensive tariff of the new PS plus, subscribers are also getting access to a catalog of up to 340 play from the times of PS1, PS2, PSP and PS3 . As already at PS Now , the titles for PS3 can only be used via Cloud Streaming .

New PlayStation Plus REVEALED For PS5! The Game Pass KILLER?!

The other classics are also offered as a download, you would then not have to be connected to the Internet with the internet for gaming via the gaming via Cloud. However, there was no view of the retro library here. Like the different tariffs, you will learn Page 2 !

Page 1 “Game Pass” for PS5 and PS4 is Real: New PS Plus unveiled!

Page 2 new PS plus revealed – these are the rates

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