Karl Fairburne returns to Sniper Elite 5

New opus of the famous rebellion development franchise, sniper Elite 5 will appear on May 26, 2022. The game will be released on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series and will also be available in the Game Pass.

In this third-person shooting game, you will embody the American sniper Karl Fairburne. In the middle of the World War, you will make a discovery that could change the course of the war. Indeed, the Nazis have a secret project, called Operation Kraken, who could end the war before the allies have time to arrive in Europe. In the heart of France of 1944, you will have to try to thwart this new plot.

The studio promises maps, based on real places, the largest and interactive in the history of the Sniper Elite franchise. Note, the use of photogrammetry to reproduce environments should guarantee the authenticity of the explored places. The Kill Cam, which details the damage inflicted by bullets on the body of enemies, will always be present with this time some improvements.

If it will of course be possible to make the solo campaign, you can also use a teammate to lend you hand. The cooperation will, among other things, allow the sharing of objects and ammunition.

Finally, novelty for the shooting game, an invasion mode will invade another player’s campaign but this time as a axle shooter. Your only goal will then get rid of the opposing player. Many rewards will be key such as weapons, objects or cosmetic elements. Activate this mode will also make more experience.


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Features of Sniper Elite 5