FC Bayern: Joshua Kimmichs IMPF

National Joshua Kimmich From FC Bayern has apparently been involved in the coronavirus as announced.

In the beginning of March, the 27-year-old participated in a team evening in a Munich local, where the 2G rule was considered “picture”.

In order to fulfill this, however, Kimmich only had a vaccine, as he had infected with Corona at the end of November.

Even in the crew, long ambiguity has prevailed on the IMPF status of the midfield actor, it is said.

FC Bayern: Big swirl around Joshua Kimmich’s IMPF status

Kimmich’s hesitate to vaccinate with reference to possible unknown longitudes had beaten huge waves last fall. Even the then Chancellor Angela Merkel as well as numerous other politicians and athlete expressed himself to the Causa.

Kimmich, who after his Corona infection was for several weeks for pulmonary problems, finally showed himself.

“Maybe I had to survive what I had now lived out now. Of course, seen in retrospect, I would like to meet the decision of vaccination earlier, but at that time it was not possible for me,” he said in a “ZDF” – Interview and announced to vaccinate as soon as possible.

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Nevertheless, in the discussion about his vaccination status “partly some limits have been exceeded”, the superstar of FC Bayern complained. “I already had the feeling that there was one or the other who has tried to profiling by this situation. That was not always the factual criticism.”

Joshua Kimmich is missing the national team

Kimmich is currently missing the German national football team and instead exercises in Munich, because the birth of his third child is imminent immediately. Should he go to the DFB team, he would have to be tested despite his immunization status.

“Even the Booster vaccine does not protect you in front of it,” said national team director Oliver Bierhoff this measure.