Cyberpunk 2077: Further update fixes errors in missions and game world

For Cyberpunk 2077, the update 1.52 rolls out today on all platforms. On Xbox Series X | S is the size 23.66 GB.

CD project Red fixes numerous mistakes in the game world or takes adjustments and corrections in missions.

On Next-Gen consoles, the developer was able to improve memory and fix causes for crashes.

On Xbox consoles, the game is no longer up if the controller had no connection to the game and simultaneously moved into the pause menu.

All details on today’s update are documented in the patch notes.

Update 1.52 patch notes


  • Fixed to Issue That Could Cause Wrecked Cars Or Multiple Nomad Cars to Spawn in Traffic When Driving almost.
  • Fixed to Issue Where First Equip Animation Could be played repeatedly after recovering a throwing knife.
  • The Laminate Armor Media Ballistic Vest Can Now Be Found As Loot in Japantown.
  • Fixed to Issue Where The Recon Grenade Highlighted Non-Hostile Crowd NPCs.
  • Fixed to Issue Where After Use The Take Control QuickHack on a Device, Camera Axis Inverted When Zoomed in.


  • Player Won’t Be Able to Purchase Again An Apartment Makeover They Already Own Anylmore.
  • Added the Showering Interaction to the Nomad Camp.
  • It Won’t Be Possible to Hack The Northside Apartment Before Completing Act 1 Anylmore.
  • Fixed to Issue Where Open World Combat Events and Some Scenes Could Remain Disabled After Visiting Afterlife Until Player Fast Traveled Within Watson.
  • Automatic LOVE – WALKING INTO A WALL IN THE ELEVATOR IN MEGABUILDING H8 Will No Longer Cause Instant Death.
  • Blistering LOVE – Fixed to Issue Where Johnny Could Despawn IF Player Left the Booth Before Interacting With the Projector, Blocking Progress.
  • Epistrophy – Fixed to Issue Where The Quest Could Rappear in The Journal Instead of Being Marked As Failed After Player Failed to Retrieve Any of the Cabs.
  • I Fought The Law – Fixed to Issue Where River Could Drive Out of the Market Area Erratically and Push V Out of World Bounds.
  • Life During WarTime – Fixed to Issue Where Selecting a Blue Dialogue Option Twice Upon Arriving On the Crash Site Blocked Progression.
  • PATH OF GLORY – OPTIONAL OBJECTIVE “GET DRESSED” Will No Longer BE InCompleable IF Player Collected The Clothes Before It Appeared.
  • The Information – Fixed to Issue Where The Doors to Lizzie’s Were Closed During The Hours They Should be open, blocking progression.
  • The Ride – Fixed to Issue Where Dex’s Car What Sverving Left and Right When Driving Away.
  • With A Little Help From My Friends – Fixed to Issue Where Holocalls and Text Messages Could Be Blocked IF Player Told Saul About Panam’s Plan While The Nomads Were Driving Away.

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Open World

  • Fixed to Issue Where Summoned Vehicles Could Be Spawned Far Away from the Player.
  • Suicidal Corpos in Corpo Plaza Will No Longer Stand Up After The Fall.
  • Fixed to Issue Where to Assault in Progress in Arroyo Wassn’t Visible on the Map, Hindring Progress in the Jungle Achievement.
  • Gig: Goodbye, Night City – Fixed to Issue Where The Quest Didn’t Trigger After Approaching the Area.
  • Gig: No Fixers – Fixed to Issue Where the “Park Iris’ Car in The Garage” Optional Objective Didn’t Complete IF Player Stoped in Front Of The Garage.
  • Gig: Playing for Keeps – Fixed to Issue Where all The Enemies in The Casino Were Set to Friendly.
  • Murk Man Returns Again Once More Forever – Fixed to Issue Where The Rayfield Caliburn did not spawn.


  • Added a Quest Tag to Fixer Rewards When They’re First Found in The Stash.
  • Opening Menus While Reading A Shard Will No Longer Block The Game.
  • It Won’t Be Possible to Change The Position of the Marker Whhen A Time Skip is in progress analyze.
  • Fixed to Issue Where The Loot Ui Could Flicker and Change Before Picking Up The Item.
  • Fixed to Issue Where the english text “A Favor for a friend” would be Displayed Regardardless of the Language Version InStead of the Correct Quest Name for Some Tracked Quests.


  • Fixed Animations and Missing or Displaced Objects in Various Scenes.
  • Fixed Some Issues With Animation Occurring When Performing to Aerial TakeDown Using the Hidden Dragon Perk.
  • Fixed to Issue Where Sandstorms Could Appear in Scenes She Weren’t Supposed to.
  • Fixed to Issue Where Foliage WHERE NOT AFFECTED by Different Weather Conditions.
  • Polycarbonates Sport Sunglasses Will No Longer Be Visible Whhen Switching Between Third Person Fashion and First Person Fashion While Driving.


  • Memory improvements and crash fixes on next-gen consoles.
  • Minor UI optimizations.
  • [PlayStation 5] Importing a save while not connected to the PlayStation Network will no longer block the option to continue the game.
  • [PlayStation 5] Fixed an issue where a corrupted save was created when player tried to import a PlayStation 4 save when no saves were exported.
  • [PlayStation] Fixed an issue where the „Press [Options Button] To Continue“ screen registered pressing the button with a delay.
  • [PlayStation 5] Wet roads will now be as reflective as on the PC version.
  • [PlayStation 5/Xbox Series X] Changing the preset in Video settings will no longer set all the Graphics options to ON automatically.
  • [Xbox One/Xbox Series X] Disconnecting the controller and entering the pause menu at the same time will no longer result in player being stuck.


  • Enabled aggressive crowds on Stadia.