How to get hopping stones in Lost Ark?

In Lost Ark Stone of honor – a great subject for late game. You can use them to improve all gear, including weapons. Usually they are awarded for passing the dungeons of chaos, major quests and login. Players are advised to maintain them until the end of Shushir when they need to increase their level of equipment.

how to farm leaping stones

The only way to farm the hopping stones are expensive – to pass the dungeon of chaos or the raid of the Guardians. You will definitely get them every time you repeat the raids and dungeons, but they do not give much. You can access many dungeons and raids only with high levels of equipment, so when you earn them, you will need to spend them on improving your equipment.

You can find icons for Guardian Raids and Chaos Dungeons above.

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As a reward for the daily entrance to the system, you will receive many hopping stones of honor, but it depends on the day. You can also get crystals that can be used to buy additional hopping stones.

You do not need a lot of jumping stones of honor to first increase the level of your items, but you will not get them very much. It is good to save as much hop jumps as possible before complete Shushir, because the next quest requires you to increase the level of your equipment up to 460.

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