Marvels Avengers will rework the table of war in PS5 patch and PS4 next week

Marvel’s Avengers is not dead… Well, not yet. Crystal Dynamics has hired a new patch for the Brawler PlayStation 5 and PS4, which must go out on March 24th. This has been communicated previously and will revise the operation of the table of war. For those of you who do not know the game of superheroes, the table of war is what you use to launch missions and undertake quests, but it can be a little confusing.

All New Changes Coming In The Next Update For Marvel's Avengers Game

The last update will make changes to the way information is displayed on the war table: Biomes will have recommended power levels, the missions will no longer turn every 15 minutes, while the wicked sectors will be accessible without having need to visit the faction terminals. All of this should, in theory, contribute to improving the flow of publication.

New missions are also added, but expect the same enemies, locations and general objectives that you have already experienced. You can find all the details about the changes and adjustments here, but let us know if you still play Marvel’s Avengers in the Comments section. We will assume that the number is low.