FC Chelsea: Allegedly 200 commandments for the blues

The sale of the FC Chelsea goes to his hot phase: until Friday evening at 22 o’clock German time, potential buyers have to have given their offers for the Premier League club. In the course of the day, further prominent interested parties came to the plan – as a whole, even up to 200 bids should have been made.

Among other things, this reports the English newspaper independent. However, the number of realistic bids in English media is given between seven and 20.

On Friday, another interested parties were mentioned, among other things, a non-named billionaire from the Arab Gulf. According to Talksport, this is to give an offer over two billion pounds under the leadership of the former Chelsea defender Valley Ben Haim and promised another 500 million pounds of investments.

Also from South Korea there were news: The C & P Sports Group and the Hana Financial Group want to give an offer according to CEO Catalina Kim. “There has never been an investment in a top club from South Korea. It’s time to change that.”

According to the Guardian, a fan merger called “Chelseadao” (Decentralized Autonomous Organization) has also submitted an offer for ten percent of the club shares: no billionaire need to own the club.

Deadline for Chelsea Buy Ends: Legend mixes with

FC Chelsea: Tuchel not involved in the sale

Highly promising opportunities are so far a consortium around Dodgers owner Todd Boehly and the Swiss Hansjörg Wyss, there are various interested parties from the USA and England. Here is an accurate overview of so far known prospects.

Chelsea coach Thomas Tuchel explained that he hope for an owner who “loves the win. That would be a big plus.” He himself is not involved in the processes: “Absolutely not, zero. And then I get info, but we have a packed scheduler, so I’m completely glad that I’m not informed about all the details.”

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Responsible for the settlement of the sale is the New York Bank Raine. It should come from the owned bids three in a narrower selection. According to _Telegraph, the finalists should then be able to give another bid, the final buyer could be selected in the coming week.