NEW WORLD: From 50V50 will not be 40V40 first

The developers of New World have given themselves and players a few days to discuss how meaningful it is when wars between companies is no longer held in 50V50 matches, but 40V40. The entire underlying PVP mechanism currently requires the use of entire companies to explain the war to another grouping. If then players of a great company can not participate in a reduction in 40v40 battles at war, even though they have put in stuff for the declaration of war, then of course this has a bowl of taste.

40V40 no topic for the time being

In the New World Forum, developer Zin_ramu has reported to speak to give the partly heated discussions between the fans for the time being an end. “Based on the feedback we received, we will wait with the 40V40 change. We had hoped to be able to test you in PTR to confirm our view that she plays better. But that has not happened yet And we underestimated how important it is to lose 20 people in the war. Even if it is a little better for the 80 people, the 20 who are not there are really affected.

This allows us to focus on changing the spawn and see what impact that has on the war, regardless of all other changes. Thank you for your feedback and the clear reasoning, we will be able to test that in the future again if there are more opportunities to participate in the war. “

The problems playing the game mode war in New World (now € 39.99) are not solved by reducing the number of players, find the fans of New World. In particular, lags are to blame for the unbalanced feel. In the eyes of the aeterum fans had to solve the developers of the sandbox MMOS serious problems, which do not dissolve by reducing the number of participants at the war of themselves in air.

How to do it, you do it wrong…

It seems to actually give two camps in the discussion. Find a player as described that a reduction of the number of players does not bring much because the LAG problem is a deeper. The other players in turn find that the wars were monopolized because only the big companies can participate in the battles. Understandably, players of smaller companies hope to participate in wars if the battles themselves only require 40 heroes per side.

The developers of New World also look at this point with the problem confronted that they can not make it right to all players. So now it remains to hope that the performance problems of war game mode generally are generally fought. The discussions but between the two camps, which can be viewed in the New World Forum, will continue .

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