Dominus, a monopoly,

Dominance Games said on May 15, that there is a block chain for the enthusiasm for the existing enthusiasts, and the right to the mobile game business in the same right, with the exclusive business of the game, with a block chain, with the exclusive rights of the game.

As a result, Dominus Games announced that the mobile block chain game global service can be done alone with exclusive business on the block chain game.

Dominance Games, the Representative, “The use of the ‘Nobi-Kwon Wonkwon Weekly Weekly Weekly Weekly Weekly Commissioning Agreement with Mobile,” Dominance Games. I have been included. “

“Dominance Games, followed by the same conditions as the same conditions as the same conditions as the Thai Mobile, and has already signed a” Kumnokwon Wonkwondative Contract Agreement “last February, and even if the IP contract period is shut down, The game was a part that can not be captured by existing contracts that are set to the contract period.

“It is natural that it is natural and essential that the right to get the right to progress the right to the business,” said Dominus Games, “the Dominus Games will respect the original works and serve the mobile block game.”

The irregularity of the irregularity, In 1994, it was developed as a cartoon, PC game, mobile game for 28 years after the first series. Dominance Games is a block chain, which has exclusive business rights to the game, which is an enthusiastic business, and is a professional game publisher, which is a PLAY TO EARN (P2E to Earn) game, focusing on various NFTs (alternative figurettes).

Currently, Dominus Games and Lung Tong Korea are conflicts with enthusiastic about ipsia. The Longo Korea is thinking that the Mobile Game Contracts can make an additional contract in addition to the non-excitement of the Mobile Game business of Dominance Games’ Mobile Games. However, I can review it. “

In addition, about the enthusiasm of the enthusiasm of the enthusiasm, “Tig Tokken on the game is not only used for the enthusiasm, and it can be used for its own projects,” said Tig Tokken on Wemix.