Riot Games puts all the meat on the grill and invests Fortiche with a new injection of money

Riot Games has just announced in all its networks that Fortiche Productions , the study in charge of almost all the kinematics of the League of Legends Universe as well as the successful series of Arcane, will receive a new injection of Money by the American production company . Thus, Riot will be the main participant of the French Animation Study, even reaching some of its workers in its directive: Brian Wright, Director of Content in Riot, and Brendan Mulligan, Director of Corporate Development in Riot.

This injection should possibly be enormous success that arcane has had, culminating a few days ago at the Annie prizes doing a full categories in which it was nominated. But has not been the only product in which Fortiche has actively participated; The video clips of Warriors, Enemy, Rise and Pop / Stars were carried out by the French study.

Pascal Charrue, Jérôme Combe and Arnaud Delord, co-founders Fortiche have talked about this injection of money so important to them: “The various collaborations with Riot Games and, especially, Arcane have turned Fortiche into one of the References of the international enlargement of animation. (…) EN 2023, we will celebrate ten years cooperating , so there is no better way than this association to symbolize the trust we feel and the objectives of both companies! “

Nicolo Laurent , one of the great heads of Riot Games at present, was seen with great confidence after this announcement: “Fortiche became a very important collaborator, but this agreement allows us to make sure that we will cooperate closely during decades. (…) When we cooperate with them, we collaborate to expand borders and increase expectations of how video games can be represented in the media. Despite the proud we are of arcane, we are clear that what It is better yet to come “.