Hong Kong Movie Top Down Scuter “The Hong Kong Massacre” Japanese version for Nintendo Switch will be delivered on March 17th. Revenge play in Hong Kong Back Society

Publisher’s soft source announced on March 11, Top-down shooting game “ THE HONG KONG MASSACRE ” to be delivered on March 17th. The corresponding platform is Nintendo Switch, the price is 3980 yen (tax included).

The Hong Kong Massacre Nintendo Switch Gameplay
* Overseas version trailer

“The Hong Kong Massacre” is a top downshuting game that has been inspired by “Good Action Movie”. The stage of this work is the back society of Hong Kong. The main character who is a former criminal swears revenge for the killed buddy and will infiltrate the caves of the criminal.

This work is a omnidirectional shooting game that adopts a viewpoint from directly above. From among the enemies’ Ajito buildings to the outdoors, we will spread the gunfights at the stage of various environments and destroy the enemies in that fly. The player and the enemy will always be careful about one shot 1 kill style leading to one shot of the gun bullet, and will always be aware of the surroundings and will be advanced while himself.

The gun used can be selected from handguns, shotguns, sub machines and so on. In the stage, you can also pick up a beaten enemy gun. Various challenges are set for each stage, and achieving it can unlock and strengthen new guns.

One of the protagonist actions has a dodge roll and will be invincible while being out of it. Furthermore, there is also the ability to consume a gauge to be automatically recovered and to be slow motion for a certain period of time. While bullets are flying around, it is required to use these actions and skills well. It is also possible to say that you can kill enemies with a two-piece hand gun while flying.

The Japanese version for Nintendo Switch of “The Hong Kong Massacre” is scheduled to be delivered on March 17th.