How to unlock the iphrite in Chocobo GP

In the Cartoon Rider Chocobo GP there are many characters. In this racer, Final Fantasy uses various characters from games, including heroes, villains, minor characters and even calls. One of them includes an IFRIT that can make you think how to unlock ifrit in Chocobo GP.

To unlock the Iphret in Chocobo GP, you need to go through the second chapter, the second episode, in history mode . As soon as you do it, the andphrey will be unlocked and added to the store. But you Until you can play for Iprit, until buy it.

how to get an aphritis in chocobo gp

To get an aphritis in Chocobo GP, you must buy it after completing chapter 2, episode 2. . After that, it will be added to the ticket store in the in-game store. Iphrea costs 40 tickets. And as soon as you buy it, you can play for Iphrite in Chocobo GP.

So, if you are wondering why you unlocked Iprit and can’t play for him, that’s why. While you do not buy this character, you will not be able to play for him. So copy tickets and buy your favorite characters!

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