Game Pass: Xbox works on long-awaited feature

Microsoft wants to make the Game Pass even better. Especially PC gamers are likely to be happy about a new feature that is already in development and soon to be added to the cloud gaming function.

Cloud Gaming for Game Pass Subscribers is soon to get a long-lasting feature: like Jorg Neumann, Head of Microsoft Flight Simulator, has revealed, Xbox already works with high pressure, mouse and keyboard input to the in-house Cloud Add gaming service.

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Microsoft Flight Simulator: New feature for PC players

Neumann has announced that the mouse and keyboard support for Cloud Gaming ** should be implemented as soon as possible. The feature is already in progress in the platform team and should be added to the Game Pass Service in a timely manner.

_Show the questioner’s news here in the video (from 8:15): _

However, how far the Xbox team with the feature is exactly, Neumann can not say yet. However, he announced that also Touch and Gyro Controls are being worked on by motion sensors for games such as Microsoft Flight Simulator . He hopes that the new tax functions would be implemented by about June.

Xbox Game Pass: Microsoft improves service

So far, games can be controlled via the Xbox Game Pass either via controller or in a few cases by touch control on mobile devices. With the addition of keyboard and mouse input, PC and laptop gamers would give a great feature – and games like Microsoft Flight Simulator as well as strategy hits like Age of Empires 4 are of course traditional by many gamers Controlled with mouse and keyboard. Now this should soon be possible with games streaming via Xcloud.

_Show you here the trailer to the Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020: _

Whether Microsoft can win more players for the Xbox Game Pass because of the new control feature alone, but of course, it remains to be seen – but the step shows that the company durates the technology around Cloud Gaming and offers players even more opportunities for gambling their favorite games.