Ex-Chelsea Professional: Roman Abramovich played “Playmobil”

Roman Abramovich will sell FC Chelsea after almost 20 years. Sebastian Knißl knows the Russian oligarch from his active time at the London. In an interview, the former midfielder has spoken with mixed feelings about the longtime club owner.

According to Sebastian Knißl, who ran between 2000 and 2005 for the FC Chelsea, between Abramovich’s role in the power structure of Russia under President Vladimir Putin and his work in the Premier League club are differentiated.

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Near Vladimir Putin would be “a shame”

“If it gives this proximity to Vladimir Putin and the knowledge of the war project, of course, it is a shame,” Kniißl said in the interview with “Spox” and “Goal”: “But Sebastian Knißly he has positively influenced many people. He has for many moments of happiness taken care of in and around the club. He was there 19 years and has brought 19 titles. I also find that he has done a big favor to the football. “

Abramovich showed that the model investor “can work,” said Knißl.

“Three years ago, he has ever held that he would like to sell. Now the time and the urgency but of course are unhappy. This allows the assumption that there must be anything,” speculating the 39-year-old.

Sebastian Knissl: Roman Abramovich was “crass off”

Kneissl can still remember Abramovich’s arrival at Chelsea in 2003. “The training ground was at the street near the Heathrow. At once, six black limousines drive before and heat as the turned,” the present TV expert looked back.

Kneissl supplemented: “There were always five to six sedans and they always had to drive another route because they never knew whether there was a stop or something. Nobody was allowed to know in which Limo he was sat surreal.”

When Abramovich entered the training place, all players had lined up side by side, the former tens revealed. Then the oligarch looked at the unit.

In the following years, Knißl ran the Russian only sporadically over the way. Finally, Abramovich had been “crass”. “These were guys from the special unit, which accompanied him. So no chance to come near,” says Knissl.

He personally had “a good dealer” of the commitment of the new owner, described Knißl. “You have the multimillionaire before you and then comes one and plays Playmobil with you.”