Halo Infinite: Cooperation mode will have a little (more) delay

343 Industries made the point weekly spent on its plans for Halo Infinite, revealing the first information on season 2 which will make its debut on May 3rd.

Halo Infinite Co Op Delayed! Season 2 Content Revealed! New Maps Modes and Customization! Halo News

Initially, the campaign mode in cooperation had to be added on the occasion of the kickoff of Season 2, but 343 industries will eventually need a longer time before delivering this functionality normally available at the launch of a halo. In its statement, 343 Industries indicates that cooperation will be available “later” during the season, whether online or in shared screen. During this time, the forge mode is in the test phase and remains expected as part of Season 3.

“We make great progress on online cooperation for the campaign. But the reality is that it will take more time to provide a high quality and complete network cooperation experience in the massive and open world of halo Infinite. We also commit to providing excellent 2-player shared screen cooperation experience on all Xbox consoles, from the original Xbox One to the Xbox One Series X, and the nonlinear and very open sections of the campaign present Large challenges for the shared screen that took us more time to solve_ “, can we read.

Expected on May 3 with his fighting pass, the season 2 of Halo Infinite has for name lone Wolves and will include a lot of balancing, narrative content, modes and cards (including one in arena and one in Big Team Battle). Among the new modes include last Spartan Standing (a mode of elimination in each for oneself) as well as another new mode called Land Grab and the updating of an old friend, the roi of the hill.

This information has been published at the same time as the announcement of Andrew Witts departure, which was in charge of the multiplayer of the game of Microsoft since early 2019. Previously Designer on Rainbow Six Siege, Andrew Witts did not announce his next destination And will “_Prend the time to recharge the batteries” before starting back to the fight. 343 Industries has not yet announced that will be responsible for replacing it to direct the multiplayer of the last halo.