Fascinating mystery game Jenny Leclue

Jenny LeClue - Detectivu - Nintendo Switch Review

Jenny Leclue, which is currently available on Steam and on the App Store, will be released on Switch in a week. The Switch edition will offer a full voice, an automatic dialog and new commands optimized for the switch. The automatic dialog will allow the player to plunge into the story by giving the game the impression of being an animation film. Mografi, the independent micro studio that created the game, is known for its convincing games, which focus on visual narration and design.

The game takes place at Arthurton, which, although a sleeping city is full of memorable characters. Jenny Leclue, the main character, is immersed in an exciting mystery story when his mother is accused of murder. It will be in Jenny to discover the truth. Fortunately, the young detective is well adapted to the task of a brilliant young detective with piercing eyes. This adventure will require digging in a vast world of abandoned mines, cemeteries, lakes and even a library. Along way, you will encounter intriguing characters that can be friends or enemies.

The story of the game is rich and has a story in a story. A narrator, Arthur K FinkLestein, guide the story and allows you to make choices that affect both the story of Jenny and even that of FinkLestein. Finally, history will explore the themes of family loss and identity.

The rich story is associated with a beautiful world handmade. The animation is hand drawn and inspired by the aesthetics of the middle of the century. The beautiful environment will encourage deep exploration, which will reward players with humor and secrets. The work is further reinforced by an original soundtrack created by the awarded SCNTFC (Andrew Rohrmann).

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