Emergency in the TSG defensive: Now Hübner falls out

Most recently, Kevin Vogt Vogt, Harvard Nordtveit, Sebastian Rudy (all Fiberürissen) and Dennis Geiger (head goal) were broken away four defensive players.

Thomas Gets Buried Under the Ballast Hopper!

Next time for the valuable comebacker

On Friday, coach Sebastian Hoeneß had to proclaim the next failure: In Cologne, the TSG must also do without her captain, Benjamin Hübner must fit illness. Especially the 32-year-old after his comeback after one and a half years of forced break last last his value for Hoffenheim with a high presence in the defensive and enormous force in standards in the opposing penalty area demonstrated.

Now Hoeneß will have to improvise. For Chris Richards will not yet be able to play again after his footprint suffered in the country play with the USA. Should it stay with a triple chain, Florian Grillitsch will control these taxes, Stefan Posch, will probably need to switch to the unfamiliar Left defense side, right could defend the last Kevin Akpoguma used on the outer car.

His development is going well, he is really close to ranger to a possible use.

Sebastian Hoeneß

Adams probably no topic, talent che robbles up

Nominell is also available Kasim Adams, unlikely, however, that Hoeneß gives the long-sorted Ghanaer again. Finally, there is also Justin Che. Even the young American (18) can defend in as well as right. “His development is good”, confirmed Hoeneß, “he is really close to a lot of use.”

After all, Hoeneß pointed to violinists and vogt the possibility to belong to at least the matchday offer. “At Kevin Vogt there is still a rest hopping that he can be part of the team,” said the 39-year-old, obviously the muscular blade on the inside of the right thigh is less severe, as originally feared. However, a start-up set is likely to come too early for Vogt as for Dennis Geiger, who had to be replaced after a head goal against Stuttgart dizzy and this week as a precaution released largely on strain. “Everything was checked out, it’s fine, there were no further abnormalities,” says Hoeneß, “he will resume training on Friday, so you have to wait now.”

Great respect before ex-Hoffenheim modest

Theoretically, the TSG could also switch to four-chain, in any case, a re-formed and unidentified behind team held on their former teammates Anthony Modeste, Cologne’s most dangerous attackers. “For the Cologne he is a little life insurance,” says Hoeneß, “he has a good torrie and a good headball match, he often also makes the crucial gate in close play.

In player, on which we have to pay a certain attention, especially in boxing defense. “There is a demanding probationary test for the decimated Hoffenheimer.