Elden Ring: How to Open Rennas Rise

There are hundreds of areas that Elden Ring Players can explore, but not all are available immediately. A place, Renna’s Rise, is locked for everyone who visits the area nearby for the first time. In contrast to other “rise” towers in the game, it is more difficult to get into it as a simple puzzle to solve. The only way to open Renna’s Rise is to complete a huge quest series, participating in the numerous NPCs and hard bosses involved.

How to Open Renna’s Rise

The only way to access Renna’s Rise is by Ranni’s Quest series follow . By appreciating, you will ask you to look for the lost treasure of Nokron. This leads to a number of events where you and your followers are involved with hard boss fights and new, mysterious venues. As soon as you have found the hidden treasure, Ranni gives you a statue that allows access to a new area. Follow the instructions of the statue and complete this area, and you should be able to access Renna’s Rise when you come back.

Inside the tower there is a chest that contains a special armor set. In addition, a portal is located on the top floor of the tower, with which you can continue Rannis Quest series. This finally leads to a mighty weapon as a reward, so anyone who is interested in improving his arsenal. However, there are not many reasons to return to Renna’s Rise; Besides the portal and the armor set nothing is going to find it. In addition, the rewards are not too useful for players who want to fully exploit strength or faith. Everything that is gained from this search is more relevant to wizards than for everyone else.

Despite the lack of rewards for different classes and gambling styles, the opening of Renna’s rise of the keys is to pursue Rannis search. This enables an alternative end to the game, so players should record this place, regardless of which build they use.

ELDENRING is available for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X | S and PC.

How To Open Renna's Tower In Elden Ring

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