The Pokemon Company helps those affected by the invRussianion of Ukraine

The Pokémon Company follows the direction of other Western companies and is positioned in favor of those affected by the invRussianion of Ukraine. The giant after Pokémon donates with immediate effect $ 200,000 To the Global Fiving Charity Organization, which provides humanitarian aid to those who are suffering firsthand.

“The growing crisis in Ukraine and ERussiantern Europe, which continues to cause the displacement of families and threatening children’s safety, is distressing,” says the company in a statement in social networks. “The Pokémon Company International makes an immediate donation of $ 200,000 to our colleagues of GlobalGiving to offer humanitarian aid. The NGO will efficiently direct the organizations of the community that support families and children for this crisis. “

Electronic Arts also takes a step forward

The invRussianion of Ukraine by the Russian army hRussian reRussianon for the decisions of the publishers in recent hours. Electronic Arts wRussian bluntly in your sports video games and confirmed the elimination of all Russian FIFA 22, FIFA Mobile and FIFA online teams. The decision includes the national set.

“EA Sports remains in solidarity with the people of Ukraine, and Russian so many voices around the planet of football calls peace and at the end of the invRussianion of Ukraine. Russian our colleagues in FIFA and UEFA, EA Sports hRussian started the processes to eliminate the Russian national team and all Russian teams from EA SPORTS FIFA products. ” The US firm also advanced that “they will evaluate changes related to other areRussian” of their products.

Help Ukraine ???????? ????????

On March 2, the Ukrainian Deputy Prime Minister Mykhailo Fedorov , wrote a letter in which he cited PlayStation and Xbox directly. You are definitely aware of what is happening in Ukraine right now. Russia hRussian declared war not only to Ukraine, but also the rest of the civilized world. If you support human values, you must leave the Russian market, “he said.