Bone story and ultra-free game sex, huge volume of SFRPG “Elex II” play repo-enjoy the best world view! [Special issue]

THQ NORDIC JAPAN will be released on March 1, 2012, an open world SF action RPG “ ELEX II (Elex 2) “. This work is the sequel to the “Elex” launched in 2017. Developer Piranha Bytes to work for developing development, etc.

On the stage of the planet “Malalan” that has been collapsed by the crash of the meteorites, it draws the story of the protagonist who takes place to invading aggression from space. Stories and fostering that change significantly by the player’s intention, such as how to build five powers with various ideas.

In this article, we deliver play reports using the press preview version of the series latest work “Elex II (Elex 2)”. We will introduce the attractiveness of this work that can be played carefully, such as bonotropic stories and systems with high degree of freedom.

# Threats from universe! A kind design of relief even in the previous work unplay!

The main character of this work continues to be in charge of “jacks” who regain the peace of the planet with the previous work “ELEX”. Jacks are a hero that gathered war in the planet in the previous work, but after the end of the war, people again around the territorial problems and resources “Elex” It is a situation.

The story starts with the scene where the beginning, the former hero jacks are sincres and lives in their own residence. When he was in a back of the hunting, he suddenly changes the color of the empty color and gets down to countless “meteorites”. The house is destroyed by meteorites, and the mysterious creature that came out of the mystery will also cause jacks.

Jacks that escaped from the crisis are fell off and fainted from the cliff, but it is saved by the passage of doctor “Adam”. Adam proposes to rising to the jacks to compete against threats from this universe. He is passed the jet pack of equipment and introduces the way to the base and Bastion to be directed.

The jacks reunite with the jacket and his wife’s “Casa”, protected Dex. And, in fact, Adam saved the jacks revealed that it was the main character of the war with the protagonist in the previous work. This is full of successful “promises”, such as reunion with his wife and son of being separated by his wife and son.

In Bastion, it is said that jacks are affected by a mysterious infection with the beginning injury. Adam promises to treat it and suggests to cooperate with the five powers in the planet to facing the jacks “Sky and Ad”. A new battle of hero starts around the “sixth power” Bustion, which was born like this.

In addition, a large number of characters appear in this work. However, the past important scenes look back on the movie, and is a kind design that describes past relationships firmly in the conversation. There is no doubt that you are playing the previous work, but it is possible to play without problems even if you start from now on.

# 5 powers are aligned! What is the jacket decision?

The power in the planet that appears in this work was once jacked “Alb”, “Berserker” that manipulates the magic, and “Berserker”, which is a unique value, “CLERICI”, which is a group of unique values, Five types of religious population “Mokon” based in the underground tunnel. At the official site, the thought and characteristics of each power are narrated in detail.

The first purpose of the jack is to investigate whether to contact each force to form an alliance. He has to go to the base of each power, but some cases in contact with the power are not uncommon. First of all, let’s help them to win the trust.

This work is “approximately 400 NPC with voice with voice” and the official site, and many characters live their intentions. Important characters have changed their relationships with quests and conversations options, and it also affects the relationship with the power.

And the number of huge quests is amazing to play this work. Of course, we present a very rich type of quest such as a little merchant NPC, such as the top and executives of each power. Also, if you think it’s a little use, you may be able to deploy into an unexpected story with the result, and it is very variety.

Personally interesting was the type of quest that moves on NPC and field. It is a standard quest in the open world game, but the NPC’s character is fun, and when the journey is over, the character can be a little favorite character. Of course, there is also an option to refuse the accompanying NPC, so it is safe for those who do not want to be taken.

It is also possible to acquire equipment etc. by belonging to each power. In this work where the relationship changes significantly by the position, the story changes depending on the player’s choice. There is also a companion NPC that accompanies a jack.

# Proximity, shooting, magic! Enjoy the world in a free style

In addition to invaders, various enemy characters exist in addition to the crafts and lesters. Jacks are very weak, with the impact of infections of the game in the early game. At first, it is a large pinch just just surrounded by a little creature.

In the game, many weapons such as remote weapons such as swords and shagors (one-hand / both hands), bow, guns and heavy weapons, shields and grenades appear. In addition, the armor can be attached to the head, upper body, lower body, and there is also something that is characteristic by equipment, such as “gas mask” that improves poison gas resistance. “Magic” is also present while watching the SF world, and has a powerful effect such as attack, recovery and assistance.

The jacks need more or more status to learn weapons and skills skills. The status is five types of muscle strength, physique, prompt, wisdom and custody, and also affect the basic capabilities. For example, if it is muscle strength, it is an image that can be acquired for magic skills for close combat and wisdom. Status up can be distributed at points that can be acquired for each level up.

Skill acquisition is a method of acquiring money on NPCs of each place. Skills can be found not only for battle, but also crafts that produce weapons and armor, and thief that can be thrilled and picking. In order to acquire skills, exchanges with each power are essential. In addition, the marking system that shows the NPC position immediately to teach the skills is very kind (need to be acquainted).

Skills are very varied and unique. Since the points to be allocated at the time of level is also determined to some extent, it may be good to decide the place style while watching the status skill screen.

# Jet Pack is too fun! Battle and search are also free

First of all, the Equipment and jet pack from Adam will be one of the gadgets that symbolize “Elex”. Adventures, of course, are an item that can be relied up with free and universal, active in combat and quest capture.

The planet Magan, the stage of the game, is a view of the world where the civilization, which was developing, and the existence of the ruined ruined with various natural scenery is also a feature of the landscape. I think that the dynamic natural scenery that is likely to be attractions such as high mountains and deep valleys are also very beautiful.

This work can be moved to almost all areas from the beginning of the game due to the presence of the jet pack. You can climb high mountains, jump down under the cliff, and explore the ruins now, and you can act freely as they think of the player. It is also a pleasure to search and worse because the item is placed in many places. Powerful legend equipment can also be picked up quite from the beginning (although the equipment is required).

Even in battle, jet pack works active. It can be used to move to high places and attack with shooting and throwing weapons safely, as well as induction to objects that can blast enemies, can also be used in various ways. Of course it is excellent to escape when you meet a powerful enemy. By the way, I love to throw a grenade from a high place.

The modifications in various places can also improve jet packs. Customization is a big success as a large-featured tool, such as increasing fuel, making it possible to use weapons at the time of floating. Since the fuel is cut off in the air, the safety device seems to be very convenient.

If you can move freely in the open world game, you will be able to interfere with the jet pack when you have to infiltrate it somewhere in the quest. The development side is also a game design that assumes it, and it is also a good feeling that it is possible to get climbed by the place. In addition, if you find “teleporter” in this work, it is also recommended to expand the world while running away with a jet pack.

“Elex II” introduced here. The unique character of the respective power of power, the unique character of the NPC that appears, the unique character of the NPC to appear is attractive. There is a wonderful “freedom” in every scene, such as the presence of a jet pack that can be enjoyed by the system surface, and a battle that allows you to choose a sword and a gun and magic.

If only one preview version is dissatisfied with one thing, there are a slightly funny part of Japanese translation in the game. Although it is an accuracy that is not a problem in understanding the story, I think that the son’s Dex is very unlikely to talk about the tone of the world.

Which power do you do in the crisis of approaching world or choose more difficult paths? The choice of planet Malagar, which has different stories, will fulfill it? The player is one of the fate of the world to “roll play” to the fate of the world!

“ELEX II” is distributed on March 1, 2022, 2012, 2012, 2002, 2012, 2012, 2012. In addition, since there is also an informal “ELEX”, Japanese language MOD is also present, so it may be possible to play to understand the world view of this work more deeply.