Just before release! “Triangle Strategy” New appearance character & game system details released

Full new tactics RPG “Triangle Strategy” . “Triangle Strategy” **. Today, the details of new appearance characters and game systems have been released today.

# ◆ Character

# # ■ Friends who support the main character selenoore-

# # ● Greenburg Kingdom Sentai Counter: Hewette Bakler (CV. Kobayashi Yu)

Loran is the only main main and proud of his guards.

# # ● Greenburg Kingdom Walhoht House Song Kingdom: Anna Pascal (CV. Senbon Senki Ayaka)

She is excellent in body art and concealing, and silently carries various back work.

# # ● Esflost Governance Makoto / Frederica’s Tutor: Gilar Brace (CV. Sato Rina)

She is also a magic teacher of Frederica, and good congratulations.

# # # ● Greenburg Kingdom Walhoat Household House: Elador Ballant Inn (CV. White bear.

It is a guardian from the childhood of Serenoore, and the warrior of the war.

# # ■ Other characters ──

# # ● St. High Sand Main General Seven Holy People: Solsley Ende (CV. Forest Earth)

A salt carrier who is named the “Seven Holy People” in St. High Sand Lust. He is a wealth of salt lake, a source of wealth of teachings.

# ◆ System: Tactics RPG to face justice

The player is makes a difficult decision on the stage of the stranger. Various choices in the game, acts “Benefit” “” Moral “” “” Freedom “,” Freedom “” “belief” is secretly accumulated, and branches and friends of stories It affects the joining of units. What does it take precedence, what to throw away, the player always asks the selection.

An important decision to influence the fate of the protagonists is done in voting using ** “” Balance of Belief “.” The fellow votes using 7 coins and plays your own opinion In order to persuade my friends.

◆ System: Friends that change with players selection

# # ■ St. High-Sand Main Dancer: Miro Yu Well (CV. Ayumi Natsumi)

In A Galaxy Run Far, Far Into the Ground | Sacred Symbols: A PlayStation Podcast Episode 187

As a dancer, I search for information. She is a goddess, sometimes she sometimes appears as a messenger of seven holy people. He is also through martial arts and his arms are certain.

◆ System: Other, various characters are friends depending on the player’s selection…?

# # ■ から り Doll: Dekimaru (CV. Kugimiya Rie)

Everything is wrapped in mystery, a kite doll.

■ ■ A boy where the time looks at: Kohaku (CV. Murephushu)

Boys from birth, belonging, all in mystery. It seems that there is a rumor of a person with the ability of “future viewing” in the village of Nooseria’s village….

# # ■ Esflost Government Researcher: Jivanna Copel (CV. Aizawa Mai)

Researcher in Esflost. She seemed to have been unlikely in the Great House, from her appearance.

# ◆ Theme song information

“Triangle Strategy” Final Trailer can also listen to Senjisaki-san’s theme song will be delivered at each delivery site from March 4 (Fri)!

  • Lyrics: Senju Akira / Square Enix Asano Team
    • Composses: **
  • Arrangement: Senei
  • VOCALS: SARINA, Reina & Maru

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“Triangle Strategy” plans to be released from March 4, 2022 (Fri), the price is scheduled to be released, the price is the package / download version 7,680 yen (tax included), and Collector’s Pack is 16,500 yen (tax included).

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