Muorini 3, Google Play Store Sales Ranking 5th

New Mobile MMORPG ‘Muorijin 3 (Mu Origin 3) of Webzen (Representative Kim Tae Young) achieved the 5th in the Google Play Store in the Google Play Store on the day (2 days) and a regular service week. As a result, after the ‘Muorijin’ and Muorin 2 ‘, it was achieved to enter all of the sales ranking TOP5 from the domestic app market to “Muorin 3”.

The “Muorin” released in 2015, achieved the first time in the Mobile MMORPG, the first place in the Google Play Store, Apple App Store, and the One Store at the same time, and the 2018 ‘Muorin 2’ is the second place in the Google Play Store Up to the right.

Webzen expansed up to 28 game servers to accommodate the currently growing “Muorin 3” user. Server stability is also focused on continuing and inspecting the seamless game environment.

The game content also expands to disclose ‘Abyso battlefield’ with large-scale personnel within the early seals. In Abyss, with server-specific and disputed areas, they can be strategic competitive in server units, and they can enjoy a variety of contents, including Abys Boss and Abyss Siege.

Meanwhile, Webzen operates a launch commemorative event for the “Muorijin 3” game member.

Open the ‘Strongest Guild Selection Competition’, depending on the guild ranking, “Road: Phantom Tiger (Duration), ‘Majang Seok’, and so on. Each time the character reaches a specific level, it also proceeds to a ‘level achievement event’ giving growth compensation.

In addition, participating in the ‘combat power race’ and climbs to the top 30 of the battle power, you can acquire a variety of rewards, and when you complete the hidden quests in the game, a game item such as ‘Blue Dia’ and ‘Legendary Treasure Map’ You can also get it.

New Mobile MMORPG ‘Muorini 3’ More information on game information and launch commemorative events, etc. can be found in the official community.