TV channel used Blasphemous music without authorization

_ blasphemous _ is one of the best metervanias of recent years, but it is also a quite controversial just because of its theme and the way in which it handles certain elements of the Catholic culture. Important part of what makes it so spectacular is its soundtrack, which was recently used by a television channel without the authorization of its developers.

Channel Sur , a popular TV channel at Spain , published a video where they seek to promote the festivities for the Holy Week at Andalusia , but the problem is that they used the same song as * Blasphemous * When you announced your last DLC.

The Game Kitchen, developers of this game, responded to the Tweet in a very relieved way, and even suggested them to Channel Sur Contact them next time for them to recommend additional songs.

In subsequent tweets, the Spanish study even jokes with the possibilities of collaborating with Canal Sur to perform a Live-Action of blasphemous , with everything and penitent .

Blasphemous (Original Game Soundtrack) | Full Album

Editor’s Note : This type of case has become much more frequent, and at least here it did not happen to greater. Nor do we know the kind of agreement that The Game Kitchen has with the Blasphemous composer, but they could certainly have taken legal action against the environment.