LOL: SPICA play with Xin Zhao showing his enormous power if he gets ahead

TSM Spica SMURFING in LCS [TSM vs C9 | Spica Xin Zhao]

North American LCS is being one of the most unexpected leagues of all regions. Although Team Liquid is at the top of the table and is still the clear favorite to win the most important competition in the United States, teams like Flyquest are hitting the table thanks to its enormous teamwork; or cloud9 that despite having lost his coach, the philosophy of being a point of reference in terms of novelties in the metagame with picks very curious as Ivern in the midlane or with karthus in the lower lane in the hands of Berserker.

But this time we will talk about a team that has given enough to talk about due to the different problems that have been appearing over the past few weeks: TSM . During the last game against Cloud9, it could be seen that Reginald’s team was trying to get victory in front of the cloud, being Spica the great protagonist of the night thanks to its Xin Zhao. It is one who will speak precisely, especially for the play that was marked and the reaction of commentators at such a level.

It had passed 22 minutes of departure and SPICA was at a very sweet moment with Xin Zhao , with a streak of seven murders worthy of the best. Seeing that nocturne had died and the lower lane was not happening for the best moment of him, Xin Zhao was launched to the rival jungle to cut distances as to farm, who was behind with respect to the rival of he. However, Berserker with Karthus and Fudge with Orianna they took out how much they had invaded their jungle and went immediately for him.

What was not expected is that the damage and endurance of the seneschal of demacia, since with up to two and a half objects in their halling was a bad beast, causing that a fight that seemed to be the end of their streak ends with a Double murder by the Chinese jungle. Although it died and did not finish the departure with Victoria, it demonstrated the importance of Xin Zhao at Early Game and how decisive it can be in the enormous majority of League competitive games of legends.