Thats why Delaney Haaland advises BVB

Last summer, Thomas Delaney returned the BVB to the BVB after three years ago and moved to Spain to FC Seville. Half of his time in Dortmund spent the Dane as a teammate of Erling Haaland, who came to the team in the spring of 2020. From the Norwegian scorer, the Mittelfeldmann continues to keep a lot.

“Erling is just fantastic,” Thomas Delaney swarmed in an interview with “Spox” and “Goal” from his former team of players. A property of Haaland has impressed the Routinian: his greed.

“You may always find players who have a better headball game, a better degree, a better ball control, better dribblings. But I’ve never seen a player who has the same hunger. And that will bring him far,” said Delaney, The after Haaland’s arrival in Dortmund was initially one of the most important caregivers of the shooting star.

Erling Haaland vs. Thomas Delaney: Der Dortmunder Dreikampf

Of course, the ex-Borusse has also been heard from Seville that the rumor kitchen in Puncto Haaland almost boiled. Thanks to an exit clause, the attacker can change for 75 million euros, almost all top clubs are considered interested.

However, Delaneey does not believe that a sayewell from BVB is being kept. “I want to see Erling in a top league and I just like it to see him at Dortmund. There he has a central role,” illustrated the 30-year-old. Haaland’s contract with the black-yellow runs 2024.

Delaneey reveals: That’s why I leave the BVB

Delaney also used the opportunity to talk about his move to Spain. Around six million euros, the Borussia should have conceded from FC Seville for the clearer.

“A few weeks before I turned to Seville, it began to get serious. Sometimes you have to drive something as a player himself, so it happens. I felt that it was the right step for me. I was ready To go, “Delaney granted insight into his decision-making process.

For the BVB, the Danish national player ran in 88 competitive games (four goals).