Wow: Artists designs new forms for balance

The plush owl druids are very popular in World of Warcraft. The equilibrium druids are always welcome in any mythic-plus dungeon and rich. Some druid players like the classic owl shape. Others, however, have their problems with the thick beep camp, which is strongly reminiscent of the owl bears from dungeons and dragons.

Who does not suit the owl form, which can access the Glyph of the Stars . This little helper gives the hero an astral scene. Thus, one can at least guess which clothes of the game character is currently wearing. The glyph solves the transmog problem only partially because the astral scope is transparent. There are many details lost. Therefore, many players have been wanting to bring Blizzard new Moonkin shapes into play.

Elegant Faun instead of thick owls

WOW fan and artist Toni Garcia picks up this idea and designs new forms for equilibrium-druids. The new figures are strongly reminiscent of the elegant Faun from the Ardenwald. Thus, the new forms for equilibrium druids are linked to the story of the winter queen, moon goddess Elune and her son Cenarius, as the owl shape. The extraordinary running animation of the Faun from the Ardenwald would be a perfect complement for this fan design!

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The beautiful thing about these sketches is that the artist has thought of different shapes and colors at his work. These faun figures would definitely be an enrichment in wow (buy now). Because the choice of figures for the druids who like to go balance is really mau. Since the bears and cats are clearly in the advantage.

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Blizzard could bring the new owl transforms in the form of glyphs or as special rewards (keyword: magic tower). In the story, Elune should actually play an important role in the Story from the next WOW extension, then the faun figures would be a hit! The alternative moonkin forms of Toni Garcia are definitely worth a look. How do you like his designs? And do you have a favorite? Write us your opinion in the comments.

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