How to open a locked door at the base – voice of the cards: renounced Virgo

Alabaster justifies its name gorod and not a simple city. A part of what makes this place so great is his depths – a school called the Foundation. At the lowest level (B4) there is a locked door to open. Digital password . How do you open it?

You can open locked after faced with Landa in her room. Password will be on it desk desk (5731). You do not need to memorize it; Remember the game for you. The door leads to emergency exit to the city.

There is also tightly closed door in B1. The guards of the ivory orders are on the other side. It can never be discovered, so you can leave it alone.

After you come out, the short cat scene will start, and you will be forced to leave the city. You will not be able to temporarily enter the foundation, but you will again be accessible after the head of the chapter. Enjoy the completion of the history of the virgin virgin bone.

How to Open a Door with a CREDIT CARD

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