Websen New Mobile MMORPG Muorin 3, released on February 23

[Data provided: Webzen]

\ – February 23, Websen Starting formal service in Google Play Store and Apple App Store

\ – Private testing “Flight system”, “Siege”, etc. Content fun and service stability checking

** \ – Actor Jeong Sang Hoon’s front-time on / offline advertising and community event preparation to ensure game membership

Webzen released the formal service schedule for new Mobile MMORPG .

Webzen guided the formal service schedule of the Muorini 3> where the “Muorijin 3”, which started on the 23rd on the ‘Naver Shopping Live’ broadcast. The Google Play Store and Apple App Store will simultaneously launch the game, and the release time and pre-download services will be in the future.

The game advance reservation and the official community ‘Pre-reservation link shared’ event continues until February 22, the day before its release. Dictionary reservations in the official pre-reservation page and the two appmarkets will receive the game items that are available in the formal service.

MU ORIGIN 3 Gameplay Android - NEW Open World MMORPG
The Muorini 3, ahead of the launch, is the latest in Korea Mobile MMORPG series. I made a “unreal engine 4” and proud of the excellent graphics, and I first introduced the “flight system” using wings to differentiate from the previous work.

In a previous in a prior test, guild content such as high quality graphics and ‘s siege’ and ‘guild boss’ gained a great response of users. The overall game system, including the game story and the free point in time, the customizing system, and the overall game system, has been positive.

Based on the data we collected in the test, Webzen finished the completion of the game content and the stability of the game content and the service stability of the service.

Meanwhile, the game experience event was held together with the public service schedule on Live Broadcasting, which appeared by the actor of the actor, From the creation of the character, the character of the character and delivered various game information directly to the core contents such as ‘Blood Castle’ and ‘World Boss’.

In addition, we introduced the products of ‘Webzen Friends’, such as clothing, ecobles, dolls, and ‘Buying Customer Lottery Events’ and ‘Purchase Event’, and ‘Purchase Event’, and ‘Comment Event’.

Webmen plans a variety of advertising materials that utilize the actor Jurong Hoon, and plans to build various community events and prepare various community events to secure game members.

More details such as the launch of the new Mobile MMORPG and pre-reservation, game information, etc., may be found in the official community .