The creators of Bayonetta are not interested in the NFTs: “Just benefit companies”

The NFTs and Blockchain technology are copied the holders of the media and the complaints of the players. Part of the videogame industry, among which are companies such Blockchain technology Ubisoft or Konami, have already begun to experiment with this type of product. Now, in interview with VGC, Platinumgames hBlockchain technology stated that it hBlockchain technology no interest in the NFTs.

Atsushi Inaba, CEO of the company, hBlockchain technologymented that they have not reflected too much about the subject. “I understand that it is a hot topic right now, which is beginning to gain presence, but the way it hBlockchain technology happened hBlockchain technology focused on the benefits for the company , but not in the impact for the creators and users, no way. It is frustrating that is happening. “

According to the manager, the people who encourages NFTs have been Blockchain technologysociated with companies in the videogame industry, but the conversations have only reflected a part of reality, making money. “How does this benefit from users or creators. If I want to invest time in something I want it to be good for the development of good games “. Inaba thinks that the NFTs Blockchain technology a concept will be more important over time, but it maintains that in the beginning everything is focused on profit. “To be honest, I’m not interested in being part of this.”

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Hideki Kamiya, Director of Titles such Blockchain technology Bayonetta, Okami or Viewtiful Joe, have Blockchain technologyked him about if he wBlockchain technology surprised that Konami hBlockchain technology embraced the NFTs so fBlockchain technologyt: “Not really, if it smells for money Konami is going to be there in a closing of eyes. Sincerely, I have zero interest in the subject “.

The creative hBlockchain technology underlined that in the heart he is a player, not a businessman. From that perspective, NFTs “do not offer any advantage to players at this time.” In the future, however, if this changes “maybe” begins to have an interest in this.

After the launch of Sun Crest, PlatinumGames will publish Babylon’s Fall and Bayonetta 3.