Horizon Forbidden West Fast Travel – Thats how it works

Horizon Forbidden West improves many of the mechanics included in the first game, on a meaningful way, and nowhere this is clearer than in the chunky and boring fast travel system of the first game.

Horizon Forbidden West Review - Open World Masterclass
In Horizon Zero Dawn, fast travel was locked behind almost Travel packs that they had to buy or manufacture what meant resources or money to find them. While Fast Travel Packs return to Horizon Forbidden West, there are more options for fast travel and places that you can quickly travel, which helps you to find yourself easier on the map and do not have to drive around with a machine all the time. Although, why would not you? The game looks fantastic!

Continue reading to find out how Horizon Forbidden West Fast Travel works so that you can fully use the mechanics when you stay in the open world.

Horizon Forbidden West Fast Travel

The speed trip from Horizon Forbidden West can be carried out between any settlements or bearings with a campfire . Travel to you can be done anywhere and it costs nothing.

Fast Travel Packs return and allow them to travel to places without campfires, but they need 10 Ridge Wood and 3 Wild Meet to produce them, as shown outside Xtra.

In addition to almost Travel, they can of course overwrite machines and drive again, which allows you to circle the world much faster than walking.

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