Lost Ark: Sunflowers for my sweetheart

In Lost Ark, there are two options as you stumble across the hidden history “Sunflowers for my love”: either have thrown her a look in your Abenteuerfolianten or did you happen to be the first found in Pride Holm. Either way you learn in this guide:

  • Where do you find all the pages of history
  • What brings you the conclusion of the event

location of the first page in Pride Holm

Run first south towards the small fields. Stops in front of the house and goes to the front door. Verge the microscope appears asking to investigate this area. Pushes on your keyboard G and you’ll find the first page of “Sunflowers for my love.”

location in the second side strain hill

Leave Pride Holm and go on to regular hill. Your first stop is the southern portal . If you have the already unlocked, you can teleport directly from Pride Holm there. Exactly where you will find the second sheet for the hidden story, we showed you marked on the screenshot of the map.

Goes from the teleporter from the small sunflower field in the north. There lies the second page.

location of the third page in Pride Holm

Sunflowers For My Love Hidden Story Locations - Lost Ark Guide

For the third page of the hidden history “Sunflowers for my love” you have to again return to Pride Holm. Go back to the house where you found the first page, keep yourselves up being a piece of the right. The third side is in the small sunflower field right from the front door of the house. Collects the sheet and your Abenteuerfoliant is further completed.

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