“Dead by Daylight” new chapter “Rising” announced! Battle with full of “ring”

BEHAVIOUR INTERACTIVE announced chapter 23 “Rising Rising” for “Dead by Daylight” “Dead by Daylight” , and opened the STeam version of the public test built (PTB).

This chapter is a collaboration chapter with a novel “ring” by Mr. Koji Suzuki and the first “ring”. As a Shinchen Demon, “Sen-spira”, “Seijiro Yamamura” appears as a new survivor “Asakawa Yoichi” with three intrinsic parks. “怨” is a finish that pushes the survivors on the front, with a transparency via television and a curse by video tape in addition to transparency under certain conditions.

In addition to the addition of new characters described above in PTB 5.6.0, which is open in the STEAM version, the change of Daily Rightual Recording System and Matching Match Story Mounting in All Maps, and correction of various issues are conducted. Is. Please check the formal forum with the official forum for the full number of patch notes and how to participate in PTB, including known issues.

“Dead by Daylight” chapter 23 “Sakai Rising” will be delivered on March 9th.

Dead By Daylight Ringu Chapter PTB Date, Cosmetic Leaked Info, Tome Characters & Skins, BPS Code!

※ Update (6:50 on February 16, 2022): Changed the playback of the domestic video and change the thumbnail image. Thank you for pointing out with comments.