User says “Barbuda” to Aloy and social networks light up

Aloy has become one of the most recognized characters in PlayStation in recent years. After the success it was _ Horizon Zero Dawn _, the protagonist became very popular. However, the attention received by Games Guerrilla’s work is not always the best. During the last months, We have seen several comments that make fun of her physical appearance, and the day is no exception.

Just a couple of days from the launch of Horizon Forbidden West, the reviews of this title are already available, and someone took a capture that shows us the detail on Aloy’s face, so, once again making fun of this character. Here you can notice beautiful facial on the face of the main character, something that happens with any human, regardless of her sex, but it seems that someone was not aware of this, or simply wanted to joke about it .

What began with a small mockery that resembles an NPC of Horizon Forbidden West with Craig of the revelation of Halo infinite, became a series of attacks and jokes against all kinds of people. Due to the nature of the comment, there were those who made fun of the original Tweet, while others took advantage of to joke the Xbox Game Pass service.

So while we remind you that _ Horizon Forbidden West_ will arrive at PS4 and PS5 on February 18 . On related topics, you can check our game review here, and our video review here.

Editor’s note:

This type of comments make it clear that some of the prejudices that are about players, sometimes, are justified. Hopefully this is the last time the community, no matter if they are fans of Xbox, PlayStation or Nintendo, give Pena alien in this way.