Pele for tumor treatment again in the hospital

The Brazilian football legend pelé has been brought into a clinic again because of a tumor discovered over half a year ago.

“Friends, as every month I go to the hospital to continue my treatment. I hope it soon gives popcorn to see the Super Bowl,” it said in a publication on the Instagram account Pelés. On a photo, Pelé was smiling.

The 81-year-old had been a tumor at the colon at the beginning of September, the doctors had discovered in a clinic in São Paulo at a routine examination. After surgery, Pelé was first treated in the intensive care unit. Around a month he had to remain in the hospital after the procedure. In December he was back to the continuation of treatment for a good two weeks in the hospital.

Pele: Brazil legend back in hospital for treatment on colon tumour

Pelé’s health status has repeatedly gave rise to concern in recent years. He underwent several operations on the hip. He also had problems on the spine and the knee. Two years ago, a renal stone was removed after a urinary tract infection. Pelé played 92 internationals and won three World Cup titles (1958, 1962, 1970).