Ubisoft remains convinced that players will end up accepting NFT

Despite the reception for the cold month reserved for the Quartz announcement, the NFT platform designed by Ubisoft in the form of cosmetic objects with a serial number in Ghost Recon Breakpoint, the French publisher considers that the community Players will eventually go beyond his current rejection and accept the benefits of NFT concept. Because they exist, promised.

Ubisoft Gifts NFTs To Devs Who Don't Want Them To

Vice-President of the Ubisoft Strategic Innovation Laboratory, Nicolas Pourak spoke at the Micro of the Australian site Finder and defended the project by the French publisher. “Well, we expected this reaction. We know it’s not an easy concept to grab. But quartz is really only the first step that must lead us to something bigger. Something that Will be easier to understand for our players “, he explains to start.

From Nicolas Pourak’s point of view, a home specialist of the Blockchain whose course is not that of a game designer but a philosophy teacher, for context, most players do not realize the benefits that the market NFT could offer them and are too focused on the wrong reputation of this still young technology.

“I think players do not understand what a digital secondary market can bring them. For the moment, because of the current situation and context of NFTs, players really believe that it is above all to destroy the planet and a simple tool of speculation. But what we see, we are the purpose of the thing. The purpose is to give players the possibility of reselling their objects once they in have finished with them or have finished playing the game itself. So, it’s really for them. It’s really good. But they have not yet understood it, “he adds.

For the time being, the first test made by Ubisoft with NFTs has been done very cautiously on a game that does not unleasten a lot of passion, Ghost Recon Breakpoint. At Konami, an auction of 14 NFT was organized this month on the theme of Castlevania. If it was entitled to its lot of sighs, this practice remains less completely external to the game itself. Square Enix and SEGA also expressed an interest in favor of NFT and Blockchain without advertising concrete plans that would give the public concrete reasons to revolt. Shortly before Christmas, SEGA’s CEO even warned its shareholders that NFT projects could be abandoned if the public condemned this technology as a mere way to make money.

The GSC Game World Studio, on its side, has burned the wings by wanting to introduce NFT in Stalker 2 in the form of characters in play. The concept was to sell the character models and model the Face of the winners on to immortalize them in the game as a NPC. Nothing that affects the nature of the game itself, but the simple evocation of the terms NFT and Blockchain sparked reactions such as the studio quickly renounced and put under the carpet all that affects or by far.

The determination displayed by Nicolas Pouk seems to contrast with the feeling present within Ubisoft. According to employee messages on the company’s internal social network and revealed by Kotaku last month, many Ubisoft employees testified their disappointment or uncertainty about the progression of NFTs in games. In the extension of this feeling, a recent survey organized by the GDC with 2,700 developers showed that 70% of professionals surveyed see no interest in introducing NFTs into their games.

Far from the Forcing by some, others seem to have considered it preferable to dislocate as much as possible for NFT so as not to attract the wrath of the community. This results in a scene as lunar as the one offered by the Twitter Alllemand account, obliged to publish a statement to explain that, no, the character of Killjoy is not at all an adorer of NFT. A terrible misunderstanding born from a photo showing this computer enthusiast at the museum to admire the digital work of an artist of his country, Martin Houra, without suspecting that the latter shall market his work on the Blockchain ethereum. “We have never intended to include NFT among Killjoy_’s work or passions, clarifies Riot Games. Come on, it will go for this time, go.