Lost Ark: Lock for servers temporarily removed

Lost Ark is finally officially launched in the western world and opens its servers for a slightly bumpy release tag for players without the founder package. But at first, a restriction was considered: The developers had locked some heavily busy servers at short notice for new players to become the queues on these worlds. This made for some fans for frustration, although owners of a founder package were quite incentives for a server change. But now there are good news for all newcomers.

Restrictions can enter into force at any time

Because the developers announced in an official forum contribution (via Icy Veins), the restrictions are repealed. New players can do their characters again on all servers. This is concretely called:
“_We will be careful to resolve the restrictions on the character creation on the servers to give new players the opportunity to join servers from which they were previously excluded. However, we are watching exactly the server population and the queue duration, so that these restrictions possibly again Keep strength if the queues can increase again. Please be aware that the list of the servers with account restrictions can change regularly, and that your client must restart to access a server with a recent limited limit, As we have set ourselves the goal of keeping waiting times low, we hope that this helps some players to push their friends on more servers.

A reactivation of the limit is possible at any time

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Who wants, can now again create a new character on almost all servers. The unofficial Deutsche Server AStA is currently part of the two worlds of Zinnervale and Kadan unfortunately (yet). The popular servers Thirain also has new players but now open again. However, because you have to expect the developers to reintroduce the restrictions at any time, but you should hurry up and as soon as possible create a character on the server of your choice. Remember: The developers regularly update the list of available servers.
Three European servers are still locked for new players for a day after the Lost Ark release release. Source: servers
Finally, we want to know about you what you think about the whole action: Are you looking forward to the fact that the developers are towered back and now you can now create a new character again on all servers? Do you fear a return to long queues? Or maybe you even annoy that forced to enter on another server in Lost Ark, while you suddenly play on the server on which you really want to start? Write us your opinion in the comments!

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